Voters Close Book on Libraries

Shelley Terry, writing in The Star Beacon, reported that Ashtabula County District Library and Henderson Memorial Public Library both lost their levy campaigns. It is expected that the Ashtabula County District Library, which has a service district covering most but not all of Ashtabula County, will respond with further cuts. Henderson Memorial Public Library, which has a service district including the Township of Jefferson and Village of Jefferson in Ashtabula County, will not be hiring a children's librarian due to the loss. If your library had an issue on the ballot Tuesday, how did it fare?


A 0.38 renewal passed with 67% of Milford residents voting YES!

By far, most of the new millages and renewals in Michigan passed. In fact, even more passed in the primaries. There are more victories out there than defeats. Maybe more of those should be posted. I get tired of reading the downfall of our profession and trade due to "x" reason.

Washington County and Multnomah County both passed; as did Hood River and the City of Damascus. Also a levy to keep the Oregon Historical Society Museum and Library open.

.25% sales tax increase referrendum in Orange County, NC (of which, 7.5% would have gone to libraries) did not pass. Of note, no tax increases in North Carolina (in 14 counties) were successful

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