Voluntown Library Volunteers Make an 'Extreme Makeover' Quilt

Deborah Fleet, Director, Voluntown (CT) Public Library writes in the library blog (story includes a photo of the gorgeous quilt-to-be...)

"Saturday Morning, after speaking with Christelle Lachapelle, and then Billy Roberts, Design Producer for Extreme Homemakeover at Voluntown for the Girard Family Extreme Makeover, I initiated an effort for an extreme community quilt for the Girard Family. I was given the go ahead by Mr. Roberts after being given a color scheme for a bedroom, and began meeting with interested women at the library. As of Tuesday night, the quilt top is complete.

Here is the link for the article in the Norwich Bulletin this morning: Extreme Community Quilt Project.

Thanks to Polly Farrington for the heads-up.


Just a quick update on the quilt. Wednesday evening about 7 women, met together to tie the quilt and to blind stitch the binding. We were completely finished by 9 p.m. Wednesday evening. . . Go to http://voluntownlibrary.wordpress.com/2008/12/13/extreme-community-quilt-complete/

thanks for the update!

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