Visual Libraries - Leave your Mark

Portsmouth Central Library and The University of Portsmouth in the UK have collaborated on Visual Libraries. For the first time the library members are encouraged to leave their mark inside visual library books. A collaborative, visual project which encourages you to sign out a Visual Library Book and ‘Leave Your Mark’. 45 Visual Library Books have been placed in Portsmouth Central Library and each has its own theme ranging from; Portsmouth, My City, When I Open My Eyes, Whilst I Was Waiting, Love, What’s in My Pocket and Memories. The intention is for you to feel free to explore the Visual Library Books and choose a theme that you like. A Visual Library Book is whatever you want it to be, a sketchbook, a journal, a diary, a notepad. You can ‘Leave Your Mark’ in whatever way you want, ranging from drawing, writing, sewing, adding photographs, markings, printing and sticking. How you make your marks is entirely up to you. All we ask is that you have fun with the different themes. For Further Details: [email protected] In Association with: Rhodia, Seawhite, Portsmouth City Council, University of Portsmouth, COPIC Pens
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