Video Dominoes at Tea Tree Gully Library

Quoting the description on Youtube: To celebrate the demise of the video collection and the now unchallenged reign of the DVD, staff felt that the remaining videos must go out with a bang. One weekend staff came in on their own time to film the final stand of the video in a giant domino train throughout the library space as a fitting homage to their service. May the videos now rest in peace. Long live the VHS!


discarding the vhs format removes access to information.
next year, are they going to have a bonfire burn all of the dvds because everybody has a blueray player by now?

.. yet many formats have gone the way of the dodo (Vinyl records, Beta-max, movie reels) , and its hardly the role of public libraries to serve as archives. What a great way to celebrate the end of the VHS era (and I note that the items were sold off or donated back into the community). Brilliant!

I'm sure there was this kind of response when they deleted their stock of wax phonograph cylinders in 1915 as well.
Fortunately the public can still access Danielle Steel telemovies on DVD now.

Would you advocate stocking 8-tracks? Geez louise.

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