Vanish: self-destruct your own data

On BoingBoing, is <A HREF="">this post about Vanish,</A> a plug in that, "...proposes to give web users control over the lifespan of the data they post online, or to cloud computing services. Vanish encrypts your data, and all of it, even cached or archived chunks, become "permanently unreadable" at a date of your choosing, without any action on the part of the service provider or end-user." More <A HREF="">here</A> and a <A HREF="">press release here.</A>


Look everyone: non-binding, unworkable, Internet fantasy legislation from out of touch dorks who who only leave the internet to show and sleep!

Breathless, I am. Breathless. When I expect a piece that will DEMAND that everything be open source in time for my friend's totally awesome Warcraft tournament?

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