Upstate NY Library Working Off the Grid

PERU NY-- Here comes the sun has a new meaning for the Peru Free Library.

With 49 solar panels installed on the southernmost roof, the library will soon generate its own power.

Librarian Rebecca Pace received a New York State Library Construction Grant, which paid not only for the solar panels and their installation but also a new roof, walkway and gas furnace.

She tailored the library's needs to a portion of the grant that focused on saving energy and accessibility.

"Our sidewalk was falling apart," Pace said. "We needed a new furnace as well. Natural gas was coming into the area, and we decided that would be more energy efficient not having to buy all that oil."


Good to know money is actually out there for some groups.
But they are not working off the grid as such. If the solar panels were providing their heating then they would be.

I like the idea of the meter to let the public see how much power they have produced.

Nellis AFB and a University of Nevada-Las Vegas site fairly close to the strip have rather huge displays that show what has been generated.

Solar is great in the desert. Plenty of sun there. On the Ashtabula-Erie-Buffalo run, not so much.
Stephen Michael Kellat, MSLS

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