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I think her comments about Little Free Libraries are worth noting.


She articulates completely what I have thought about the so-called "Little Free Libraries" ever since the current vogue began. Libraries they are not, and it doesn't do anybody any favors to call them that. I prefer "book exchanges." Maybe I'll put a cute, folk-artsy wooden box in my front yard, plunk down a first-aid kit in it, and call it a "Little Free Hospital."

I agree. Nice concept. Cute, folksy, etc. In some communities, such as the one in which I work, these contraptions would last about 12 hours before the books would be gone and posted on Amazon for sale and the box itself would be covered in graffiti. It also makes it seem like all you need to run and open a library is a few small wooden boxes and some books. I can see some clueless yahoo on a city council or county board reading about Little Free Libraries and going "You know, if we closed our library system and put about 4 or 5 of these things around town we could save a bundle." Don't laugh, it could happen.

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