UNC Remembered in Librarian's Will

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s School of Information and Library Science will receive more than $1.1 million for student scholarships.

Jane Iris Crutchfield, who died at the age of 92 on Dec. 10, 2006, was a lifelong teacher and school librarian. She taught at public schools in Virginia before returning to UNC in the 1950s to earn a bachelor’s degree in library science.

Crutchfield’s gift will go to the library science school’s Susan Grey Akers Scholarship Fund, named after a former dean at the school. That endowment fund gives aid to students who are admitted to the school’s master’s program. It’s the largest gift ever given to the library science school. Bizjournals.


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My question is...

How did a school librarian come to have over a million dollars?

She also left a similar

She also left a similar amount to the University of Virginia. Her estate was split between the two schools. . .

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