UK High Court judge quashes Surrey 'volunteers' library decision


High Court judge quashes Surrey 'volunteers' library decision
A High Court judge has quashed a decision by Surrey County Council to hand over the running of 10 libraries to volunteers.

Mr Justice Wilkie made a court order stopping paid workers from being taken out of the library.

The council said it will make a fresh decision on the plans on 19 June.


WTF does that mean, volunteers can't run the library because they've not had equalities training?

Show them a PPT of whatever equalities training is and get on with it.

Let all the people that signed petitions to put their hands in their pockets and give money to pay for the normal running of the Libraries.
That's all it comes down to. If there was more money this wouldn't happen. But people don't want to pay more tax do they.

... they don't have to show up.

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