Ugly battle has librarians in Oak Brook turning to Teamsters

<a href="">The head librarian </a>and YS manager of a library in a wealthy Chicago suburb were fired due to budget cuts, pushed out by anti-government zealot. "I used to go to the library knowing there were people there to help me find a book. Now there is no one to help me," Sydney said solemnly. "It will never be the same without the people you fired."


On my first read, I thought this was an Onion article. That Xinos guy is a piece of work.

Piece of work does not even begin to describe that poor excuse for a human being otherwise known as Xinos.

" 'I understand that my philosophy is conservative,' Xinos says,"

No, your philosophy is downright evil.

Go Teamsters!

He's not a conservative. Conservatives like libraries and those from Reagan mold treat it like the military -- something that would do worse outsourced. That chap is an extremist.

He's not evil, though. Misguided perhaps but not evil. Evil would only come into play if he organized a mass book burning after getting the library's funding stripped.
Stephen Michael Kellat, MSLS

"...put their money where their mouth is..."

My community was forced by a liberal town council to do just that this past spring. Even though the library budget is only 1.5% of the town's total budget, it was completely defunded for the remainder of the fiscal year and forced to survive on modest accumulated discretionary funds and contributions from private citizens.

I think most library managers will agree that they are willing to take cuts just like any other department, but fervently wish that such cuts be made PROPORTIONATELY. Until community government sees the library as an asset and not low-hanging fruit on the municipal funding tree, these things will continue to play out in communities all over the country, both conservative and liberal.

And if the Greek God of uncivil behavior thinks that all the library director does is "wipe tables," then he is even stupider than his comments make him sound.

Just when I think comic book supervillians are too over the top for reality, in walks a fool.

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