Twitter Trends Tonight

Tonight's trending topics on Twitter according to the search in TTYtter are:

TTYtter> /trends
/search "North Korea" OR "N Korea"
/tron "North Korea" "N Korea"
/search SNL OR #SNL
/tron SNL #SNL
/search DSI
/tron DSI
/search "Flutter Mocks You"
/tron "Flutter Mocks You"
/search "Our Microblogging"
/tron "Our Microblogging"
/search Adventureland
/tron Adventureland
/search At&t
/tron At&t
/search Twilight
/tron Twilight
/search Easter
/tron Easter
/search Furious
/tron Furious

Interesting. Most of the topics seem to be entertainment-related.

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