Twilight Fever Roaring Through the US


As Harry Potter and his friends ride off into the literary sunset, a young girl and a vampire in love have set off a new round of parties and eagerly anticipated books and movies.

“Twilight,” a movie based on the novel by Stephenie Myers, opens Friday in local theaters. The tale of teenage girl Bella and Edward, the handsome vampire who loves her, has found a wide audience beyond the young adult category. Local libraries have long waiting lists of readers who want to borrow the four book series.

“We had three copies of each of them, and I just bought a fourth copy because the waiting list was so long,” said Director Connie Shumate of the Princeton (WV) Public Library. “I don’t think even Harry Potter matched this. Harry Potter was basically young adult reading, but this is everybody. This is all age groups.”


FYI, this may be of interest (and may or may not reflect my views):

"Mammas, Don't Let Your Daughters Grow Up to Date Vampires; a Review of Twilight," by Linda Harvey, Mission:America, 20 November 2008.


A web site that leads the fight against "pagans", the "homosexual agenda" and "witchcraft" is against a book with making out and vampires?

Well, color me enlightened.

I don't think highly of anyone who believes in witchcraft and vampires, whether they are the people LARPing as druid mages or the people who feel the need to pray to Jesus that vampires don't keep their daughter from going to Notre Dame.

I just saw the movie. It was a midnight showing and several theaters were filled with mostly young (teenage) girls and the moms who brought them. There were a few guys (teenage) there. I was the only dad. The girls were very excited during the movie based on the comments and ohs and ahs shouted or moaned throughout the room. That said, the comments from the giggling girls made the movie fun like Rocky Horror Picture Show is fun with the wacky people there. I too laughed out loud when things were either too unbelievable or just plain silly as in the acting. I rather enjoyed the movie. There is a lot of funny things in the movie that I do not think were intended to be funny--or maybe it was just a live audience thing.

I was definitely concerned, however, with the yearning for death and how easy it was, and this popped up numerous times and was sort of the central theme of the movie. I wish they would have left that out. And, for those concerned, the movie was filled with a heavy dose of sexual tension leading to kissing lips and necks and sucking blood. The girl is into the guy so much she would leave her family and die for him. Not a good role model, in my opinion. There was also violence. But, it did get a PG-13 rating, after all, so at least you get fair notice, unlike the ALA awarding oral sex books as the best of the bunch for kids.

While I liked the movie, I heard from comments the book was better and the movie may have been somewhat disappointing in light of the book. I did not read the book, and a few parts I did not understand, like why they only play baseball in thunderstorms. I'll rate the movie 7 out of 10.


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