Tweet, Text or Type ... Help Us Write a Book this Month

This is National November Write Your Own Book Month and the New Jersey State Library is taking the challenge to write a book with 50,000 words in one month. We need your help to both write and to spread the word to EVERYONE you know – friends, family, customers, co-workers, hairdressers, teachers, students. Everyone has the potential to write something that might positively impact the life of a stranger with this book! Here is the plan: The NJ State Library will compile a book with the collective wisdom of people sharing advice with another human being. Words of wisdom for a child, friend, politician, parent, teenager, adult, parent … The catch is, you have to text your advice and it can only be 140 characters or less. We’ll collect your text messages until we have 50,000 words of wisdom. The name of the book will be, H2H (Human to Human) wisdom in 140 characters- unless someone texts us a better title! We’ll even publish it online so you can share it with your friends and families. How to submit your H2H words of wisdom: 1. Text “H2H” to 51684, hit “space” and type your advice. Standard message charges apply. You’ll receive a message to let you know your submission has been accepted. We will keep you updated about the book but we won’t send more than 1 message per week and you can stop the messages anytime you want by replying “Stop”. 2. Tweet to: @h2hbook 3. Write online: Follow this link We will include your initials or first name to your quote if you include it. All entries must be submitted no later than November 30. Guidelines: No profanity No personal references While we would love to use all quotes that are submitted, we will be editing the final product and reserve the right to reject submissions. Questions? Nancy Dowd: [email protected] Nancy Dowd Director of Marketing and Public Relations New Jersey State Library 609-278-2640 ext 122


It's called National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, for short. Unless there's a different write-a-book-in-a-month challenge.

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