Turning The Page: Riverside libraries are schizo

Sounds like a great gig! " Riverside libraries are schizo."
Job opening: Interim director, Riverside library.
Job description: Oversees largely decrepit Main Library and new and/or remodeled branches (staffing optional).
Qualifications: Must be proficient at recruiting volunteers -- including for your own position! Must enforce gag order forbidding library employees from speaking to media and customers about library policies. Must be able to reply, "Don't hold your breath" when asked about downtown library expansion. Reports to city manager's office. Must consent to frontal lobotomy.


You left out the requirement that the Riverside Library Director must be able to make bricks without straw, something Moses was ordered to do by Pharoah.

In this case, the new director must run a library system without staff, budget or space. However, Moses was a prophet beloved of God, and Pharoah really was a Pharoah. Today, we have local politicians who only think they are Pharoah, and some library directors who only think they are Moses.

R. Lee Hadden (These are my own opinions!)

There is no opening as the author opines. According to the library website, and the city's job listings

California wants a federal bailout. Screw them. They got themselves into this mess let them get themselves out. Of course they are firing staff, they have no money with which to pay them.

I worked for 2 days in San Jose last year and I had to pay $64 in California Franchise Tax Board state income tax. I am never going to California for work again. That is simply crazy. I work in NYC a few times a year and I never have to pay NY income tax.

Stop wasting tax money on nonsense and perhaps you could afford libraries.

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