Troy, MI Library Saved!

The recent millage in Troy, Michiagn passed allowing the library to stay open for at least the next five years. The measure passed with 58 percent of voter's approval which is pretty close I think. I really think the Save Troy group did a great job of clearing up misinformation and mobilizing voters. I really think they put together one of the best advocacy websites that I have seen yet and it is definitely a model that others should look into. On top of that though, the actual legislation was solid. I feel that it really helped voters to know that their 'yes' votes would put money into the library and no where else. It seems imperitive to push for this kind of dedicated funding to make sure the library is actually protected but also to win over the hearts and minds of voters. We are still living through tough times and the people of Michigan have it worse than most so I feel that it is a tough sell to say we are going to raise your taxes and the money should go to the library. On the other hand, selling five more years of library service for about $70 per household seems like a great deal and it is fantastic to see that the people of Troy thought so as well. Definitely, check out the advocacy site though it is really worth a look. <a href="">Troy Library Saved!</a> <a href="">The Save Troy Library Site</a>

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