Transcript of ALA Attack on Few Groups that Oppose the ALA

A transcript of an ALA attack on some of the few groups that criticize it is available at "<a href="" target="_blank">ALA Chills Free Exercise of Democracy by Publicly Attacking Mom and Pop Groups Who Dare to Oppose ALA Influence That Endangers Children</a>." Favorite part: Deborah Caldwell-Stone says, "There are several other Internet-based library censorship advocates across the country. These include Family Friendly Libraries; Library Patrons of Montgomery County, Texas; Grassroots American Values; Pure Pioneers, and a group called Know Your Library. Now, these groups appear to share information and tactics." Share tactics? The ALA holds seminars on sharing tactics but refused to allow me to attend! And a few mom and pops around the country are evil for "sharing information and tactics"? Did the "Office for Intellectual Freedom" really say that? Is the OIF's interest in intellectual freedom credible? No.
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