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Four charged over Harry Potter thefts

"A 44-year-old man has been charged with stealing copies of chapters of the new Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix novel."

"Donald Parfitt, of Worlingham, Suffolk, an employee of Clays printing firm in Bungay, has been released on bail to appear before magistrates in Lowestoft on May 14, a police spokesman said." (from Ananova)

A shameful theft of the crown jewels of memory

A shameful theft of the crown jewels of memory was spotted by Lee Hadden.
The story says Until this week only soldiers and reporters had witnessed the devastation of the National Museum of Baghdad, the seventh biggest in the world, and the burning of the National Library, containing some 5,000 of the earliest known manuscripts. On Tuesday a team led by John Curtis from the British Museum returned from Iraq and agreed with the senior archaeologist, Lord Renfrew of Kaimsthorn, that we face the greatest heritage catastrophe since the Second World War. Though it is early days, two vast repositories of world history appear simply to have vanished.

Inquiry demanded over US failure to stop library looting

Charles Davis writes \"The burning of Iraq\'s National Library is a \"devastating loss\" and is the equivalent of losing the British Library, international academics said in This Story. The US military\'s
failure to prevent the calamity must be investigated to prevent it happening again, they added.
The failure of American troops to prevent the looting was called \"totally discreditable\", saying they had violated a whole series of international
conventions on the rules of war. He said an investigation was essential, not so much to assign blame as to make sure everyone understood what had gone
wrong. \"

Identity Theft: An Annotated Bibliography

LLRX writes "
Sabrina I. Pacifici documents federal and state resources that address the proliferation of ID theft and online fraud, including current law and pending legislation, as well as consumer advocacy guides and selected news. New on for February 15, 2003 at Identity Theft: An Annotated Bibliography of Federal, State, Consumer and News Resources "

$18,000 stolen from library dime at a time

Kim writes I don\'t think the numbers add up though. CPL would have to take in a tremendous amount of money per day, \"Here\'s The Story \"

They say A 21-year veteran Chicago Public Library clerk has been charged with felony theft for allegedly pocketing $18,000 in fines over a five-month period--half of her annual salary--from the 6,000 daily patrons of the Harold Washington Library.
They say She used the money to pad her salary and to pay attorneys who represented her son who, she said, has been in and out of jail.

Faulkner letters theft offends prosecutor

Jen Young sent over This One on H. Morley Swingle, the top prosecutor in Cape Girardeau County. He\'s also an author, and after six letters written by William Faulkner vanished from the rare book room at Southeast Missouri State University, he vowed to prosecute the theft \"with sound and fury.\"
The letters disappeared Sept. 30 after a man who signed as \"R. Smith\" viewed them with a library archivist.

Collector\'s Letter Stolen from Missouri State University

Charles Davis sent over from
This AP Story
A William Faulkner letter that was purchased over the Internet last
month for $1,200 by a Portland collector turned out to have been
stolen from Southeast Missouri State University. The dealer selling the letters said he acquired them from a
grocery clerk who said he inherited them from his grandmother\'s
estate, police said.

\"It\'s a really shining statement about what art means, made by
somebody who made as striking a contribution to literary art as
anyone in American letters.\"

Closing the Book on Library Thefts

Ron Force sent along An Odd Story from LA. An 85-year-old longtime Simi Valley resident, retired movie studio employee, whose house was found to have more than 3,500 items from the Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley libraries.

"He seemed unsure that he had done all this. He kept asking if he had done it. But since we were asking him about it, he said he may have done it."

Theory of Gravity Stolen!

This article certainly makes me feel better about loosing a few copies of Consumer Reports and Go Ask Alice a year. It could be worse!
From Reuters. Thieves have stolen the celebrated book in which the 17th century English physicist Issac Newton formulated his famous law of gravity

Posing as readers, the thieves stole a rare first edition of Isaac Newton\'s \"Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica\" from the Russian National Library in St. Petersburg, a library official told Reuters Sunday

I\'m interested what the theives plan to do with the book. It\'s not like they can post this one on eBay. Any purchaser of said book would need to keep it on the down low too. Could it be that the thieves stole it for their own enjoyment?Read the full story.

Accused Book Thief Caught

Good News from TN, where they say they guy
who would enter libraries and check out first edition
books and would then replace them with paperback
books turned himself into Murfreesboro police last
week and when he did he surrendered 52 of 63
first-edition books missing from the library since


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