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Theory of Gravity Stolen!

This article certainly makes me feel better about loosing a few copies of Consumer Reports and Go Ask Alice a year. It could be worse!
From Reuters. Thieves have stolen the celebrated book in which the 17th century English physicist Issac Newton formulated his famous law of gravity

Posing as readers, the thieves stole a rare first edition of Isaac Newton\'s \"Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica\" from the Russian National Library in St. Petersburg, a library official told Reuters Sunday

I\'m interested what the theives plan to do with the book. It\'s not like they can post this one on eBay. Any purchaser of said book would need to keep it on the down low too. Could it be that the thieves stole it for their own enjoyment?Read the full story.

Accused Book Thief Caught

Good News from TN, where they say they guy
who would enter libraries and check out first edition
books and would then replace them with paperback
books turned himself into Murfreesboro police last
week and when he did he surrendered 52 of 63
first-edition books missing from the library since

Librarian Hopes for Arrest in Book Thefts

Someone is stealing first edition books from libraries in Tennessee, and reselling them. They know who the man is and are hoping he\'ll be arrested soon. The Tennessean has More Here.
The Elk Valley Times has More on This Story.

Schools losing the war against book thefts

Word On a sad situation in Sprinfield, where 2,276 books worth an estimated $40,211 left Springfield school libraries tucked inside jackets, stuffed in backpacks or squeezed between textbooks. An additional 2,147 books worth an estimated $25,656 were checked out but never returned. Only one school has a security system.

“Maybe students would be more wary if there were more eyes watching them,” said Tanya Perretta, a Kickapoo parent and a volunteer at three district libraries. “Maybe we need more volunteers.”

Yale Book Thief Gets Jail Sentence says the guy who stole more than $1.5 million worth of books and one-of-a-kind manuscripts from Yale University\'s rare book library is going to prison for 15 months.

\"I\'ve never seen a crime of this nature come before me,\" Superior Court Judge Roland D. Fasano said. \"It\'s a significant crime and certainly unusual.\"

Books Stolen From French Monastery

Is it me, or has there been a rash of book stealing as of late. This time the 8th century Mont Sainte Odile monastery in the Alsace region of eastern France was the victim. Over 1000 books vanished from the locked library.

Charles Dass, a former director of the library, said the value of the books stolen from the monastery is impossible to determine. They included centuries-old illuminated manuscripts, books painstakingly illustrated and hand-colored by monks. Some of the works were bound in wood.

The police were stumped for two years but last sunday there was a break in the case. How did the perpetrator steal the books? His method was nothing less than something out of an \"Indiana Jones\" film! To find out you\'re going to have to read the full story!From The Guardian

Librarian Tried to Sell Stolen Sooks

Charles Davis points to
This One that says a librarian who wanted to open his own bookshop stole a string of
valuable titles including Winston Churchill\'s Why I Am A Free
Trader. The \"literary pillage\" went unnoticed for more than a year
as he made regular trips to leading auctioneers such as Christie\'s
and Bonhams with the stolen books.

Four years\' jail for theft of rare books

Charles Davis writes \"A devious chartered accountant, nicknamed the Tome Raider for
his systematic cunning in plundering 412 extremely rare books
from antiquarian libraries, was jailed for four years yesterday.
Full details at
The Guardian \"

\"What he did was equivalent to daubing paint on the Parthenon\", Jacques\'s ex-tutor at Jesus College, Cambridge, Ian DuQuesnay, told the court.\"

Google Search Retrieves Stolen Credit Card Data

Although this isn\'t library-related, it does deal with online privacy and is something that everyone needs to be aware of. Last week a woman typed her name into the Google search engine and discovered that her name was linked to a Russian web site. When she clicked on the link, she discovered that her credit card information, name, address, and phone number were all listed, along with those of several hundred other individuals. More

Librarian May Have Stolen More Than Originally Thought

The librarian at the Du Quoin Public Library who surrendered last month after being charged with stealing $10,000 from the library over the past year, may have actually begun stealing library property,and funds, several years ago. The total may be more than was originally thought by investigators. More from The Du Quoin Evening Call.


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