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Crooks using library to check out goods sends us this article from the Spartan Daily regarding theft in the campus library.

"Despite having a better security system than in the Clark Library, some students still feel that their belongings aren't safe in the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Joint Library.

George Mendoza, a junior majoring in civil engineering, said he used to feel safe while working as a student assistant in the library for the Cultural Heritage Center.

"My wife works here on the weekends," Mendoza said. "(Last weekend) she was working alone on the sixth floor, university level. Someone approached her for reference help, so she went to a lower floor to use the computer. Someone stole her wedding ring and key card she had left unattended for five minutes.""

Swiped DVDs seen as 'cost of doing business'

Gary Price sends "this story from the Naperville (IL) Sun about a rash of stolen DVDs from the Nichols Library. While not happy with the loss, Deputy Library Director Mark West said that such loss was to be expected in a large library system, that includes holdings of more than 7000 DVD titles.

Thieves target libraries across Ontario campus

Story From Queen's College in Canada says there has recently been a sudden increase in thefts at Stauffer.
“During the first two weeks in February, we had a rash of thefts,� Musgrave said. She said there were between 10 and 12 reports of theft during the two weeks. Musgrave said incidents of theft are an ongoing problem, but the increase is unusual. In other news from Queen's, Rick Mercer is coming to campus! (If you're not Canadian you probably don't know who he is or care.)

Library cookbook thief sentenced to probation

An Anonymous Patron writes "A Follow Up on thatwoman charged with felony theft for stealing nearly 450 books from Quad-City public libraries. She has been sentenced to three years probation.
Kristin Grace, 37, was sentenced in Scott County District Court, and still faces charges in Illinois.
She was arrested Nov. 21, two days after Bettendorf police said they found the items, mostly cookbooks, during a search of her apartment. She was taken to the Scott County Jail and was given a pretrial release. As part of her sentencing that took place Thursday, Grace must provide restitution to Bettendorf and Davenport public libraries."

Sydney man charged with stealing 800 rare library books - National -

A Very Defiant Duckling Named Ender noticed news on a Sydney, Australia, man who has been charged over the alleged theft of more than 800 rare books from libraries over almost five years. Police said detectives recovered 868 books worth an estimated $650,000 after they executed a search warrant on a home in Forrest Road, Ryde, in Sydney's north-west, at 11am (AEDT) yesterday.

Full Story.

In library theft, it's a tale of 2 stories

Patty shares This Tale From Illinois where floretta Jones was sure someone had stolen her library card and used it to rack up more than $450 in late fees and unreturned video rental charges. A short time later, however, while being interviewed by police, Jones was singing a different tune.

"It's your fault for not checking identification when people check out material," Jones said, the tone of her voice rising with each word. "And I'm not going to be treated like a common thief, especially from some petty librarian. You're going to hear from my attorney."

Police look at library DVD theft

An Anonymous Patron writes to share this article:

"Covington police say somebody is stealing DVDs from the public library in hopes of selling them and putting the cash in their own pockets.
Monday afternoon police confiscated 33 DVD movies they say were being sold to customers at a grocery store called Tienda Morales on Madison Avenue. Police say most of the used DVDs were stolen from the Kenton County Public Library a few blocks away on Scott Street."

Thousands of dollars stolen from library, police say

The Star-Telegram reports Tens of thousands of dollars have been stolen from the Fort Worth Public Library during routine transfers of funds, police said Friday.

An investigation continues into the thefts, which occurred between July and December, said Lt. Roger Dixon, who heads the Police Department's major case squad.

City officials were alerted to the problem by a library patron who was balancing his checkbook and noticed that a check to the library had not cleared, Assistant City Manager Libby Watson said.

Mother's trove of videos claimed to be libraries'

Melissa Waybright a 24-year-old mother of three is accused of stealing between $7,000 and $10,000 worth of movies from libraries throughout Clermont and Brown counties in Ohio. Authorities say Waybright signed up for library cards under several different names.

Burroughs said she took them for her and her three young children's personal use. "She wanted videos without paying for them," said Assistant Clermont County Prosecutor Tony Brock.
Full Story.

Denmark library recovers works stolen years ago

Charles Davis notes News From Denmark where investigators have uncovered 1,600 antique books, maps and documents stolen from Denmark's Royal Library.The thefts of the works, worth millions of dollars, started in the late '60s and stopped in 1977-1978, said Erland Kolding Nielsen, director general of the state-owned library.

"It is without any doubt one of the largest thefts of cultural artifacts in Denmark, ever," he said.

Over the years, 3,200 rare books and documents -- including first editions by Immanuel Kant, Thomas More, John Milton and several hundred prints by Martin Luther -- had disappeared from the downtown library.


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