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Iowa State library steps up security after "priceless" items stolen

Although the State Historical Society has recovered a slew of rare materials a patron took from the state's library, officials say they're moving ahead with plans to step up security.

"Basically, these are materials that are irreplaceable. These are one-of-a-kind letters or diaries, photographs or maps, things that don't exist anywhere else," said Shaner Magalhaes, library administrator for the State Historical Society. "They literally are priceless. Recovering them is the only way that you can still have them because you can't go out and buy them again somewhere."
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Book Thieves Used Trademe

An Anonymous Patron writes "Not much to XTRAMSN: News: NZ News: Book Thieves Used Trademe, from MSN in New Zeland, but Internet auction website Trademe has been caught up in a police investigation into the theft of rare books from universities, libraries and private collections around the country.

Seven people have so far been arrested in connection with the five-month police investigation."

Local bookseller selling stolen goods?

Steffers writes "The Nashville Scene is reporting that over the course of their 3-month investigation a local bookseller bought, sold, and requested stolen materials. Other booksellers have found stolen merchandise at this particular store, but all would like to give this store owner the benefit of the doubt. However, the pattern that emerges is disturbing to say the least. I know that when we had some civil war books stolen from here they were found (all markings, barcodes intact) on the shelves of this store."

Library Patron Splices Porn onto Videotapes

An unnamed do-it-yourself video-editor has been found responsible for adding pornographic footage (and some non-porn too) to some 200 video tapes owned by the Decatur and Mount Zion libraries in central Illinois.

The perp has been banned from the library for life and has been arrested on preliminary charges of criminal damage to state-supported property and criminal damage to library materials. Here's the sad story.

Arrests in library thefts won't happen

Anonymous Patron writes " Arrests in library thefts won't happen : Thieves have stolen more than $72,000 from the Fort Worth Public Library, but sloppy internal accounting procedures have made it impossible for police to make an arrest.

Police detectives narrowed the list of suspects to two people but couldn't prove a case because of poor record-keeping and other issues at the library, said Sgt. Rene Kamper of the major case unit.

"The big issue is that there were many problems," Kamper said."

Captain Cooks diaries recovered from book thieves in New Zealand

Rasael writes "Police in New Zealand break up a library book stealing ring, recovering Over 1,000 books have been recovered including Captain Cook's diaries written in 1785. 0789%3fformat=html"

North Dakota Library Burglarized

Today's Grand Forks Herald reports on a break-in at the library that resulted in a theft of donated funds.

The stolen box contained money that was designated for community literacy programs.

Woman Admits Part in Library Books Theft

A woman has admitted her part in a book stealing scheme which plundered books worth more than $34,000 from Christchurch, New Zealand city libraries. A police search of the woman's home recovered about 30 books and several sets of library identification. She initially denied involvement, but later admitted her part.
A total of 337 books valued at about $18,000 were recovered by police, but 320 worth about $16,000 were still outstanding. Read More.

Two Plead not Guilty in Ingram Hacking Case

Two men accused of aiding a Romanian man charged with hacking into the online ordering system of the world's largest computer equipment distributor pleaded not guilty Monday to charges of mail fraud and conspiracy to commit mail fraud. Read More.

Safe stolen from Yonkers library

Detectives were trying to determine who stole a 310-pound safe from an office in the Grinton I. Will Library branch over the weekend without triggering the alarm system.

Employee payroll checks and about $1,800 in petty cash were in the safe, police said.

"We are working very diligently with the Police Department to solve this," Scharien said, expressing concern that the alarm did not go off. "Clearly, we are concerned that it is an inside job."
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