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Book Theft Is Commonplace in Kenyan Libraries

There's a special name for theft of library books in's booklifting, and it's rampant in libraries in Nairobi and around the country.

Attienna Okundu, of the National Book And Development Council Of Kenya, said that booklifting is a concern "for almost every library. When we train librarians, the issue of security is one of the central issues addressed." Many libraries do employ a security force, but it hasn't had much success tackling the booklifting trend.

The BBC is working with Kenyan Ruben Gitahi, to assist in bringing the problem to light and to minimize the loss to collections.

$85 for 'Moby Dick'? Library scam falls flat

Anonymous Patron writes "You'll need to login to read this Odd Spartanburg Herald-Journal [You can use [email protected] and none as the password].A man posing as an employee of the Spartanburg County Headquarters Library nearly scammed a local elderly couple out of $85 over the weekend.

The couple's oldest daughter, Anna Wing, said her 84-year-old father received a phone call this weekend from a man who said he owed an $85 late fee on a copy of "Moby Dick."

Wing's father and 79-year-old mother don't get out much, she said.

"He hasn't used his (library) card in 12 years," Wing said of her father, who she requested not be identified.

Germany demands return of rare book Found in St. Louis

Cortez writes "Book dealer Rod Shene made the find of a life-time and things have been going downhill ever since: This Report Has More. "The book may have been stolen from an unlikely victim — the German government. The state-owned Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart claims a World War II U.S. Army captain took the book and others from a castle and eventually deposited them in his Richmond Heights home.
Werner Schmidt, a spokesman for the German consulate, does not know when the museum acquired the book but says it was well before the Nazis looted the private collections of Jewish citizens."

PCs stolen from UK library

The South London Press Reports Burglars plundered 22 computers worth £10,000 from the Tate Library, in Streatham High Road.

Lambeth council has already replaced the stolen PCs with new ones at a cost of £10,000.

Detectives from Streatham CID are investigating the break-in which happened on Friday night.

A council spokeswoman said that Streatham Library staff were "disgusted" by the burglary.

Missing person found in a library

JET writes "Missing SMU student last filmed by library security cameras at a SMU library found in Dallas Public Library a week later. More from SMU Daily and Dallas News"

Attempted arson at Mahopac Library

Anonymous Patron writes "Strange One Out Of Mahopac, NY, where Hours after the new $7.9 million Mahopac Library reopened following a pipe burst in December, police say it appears someone tried to burn the library down — or blow it up — by setting a fire beneath the natural gas meter."

Judge to felon: Repay library

Anonymous Patron writes "Judge to felon: Repay library Just two days after a Will County judge sentenced her to jail, another judge has ordered former Homer Township Library District director Regetta Meyers to repay $337,000 to the district."

Thieving librarian gets six months

News From IL on a Director who stole $100,000 from a public library. Homer Township's former library director was sentenced Tuesday to six months in the Will County jail for stealing more than $100,000 from the library district.

Circuit Judge Gerald Kinney could have sent Regetta Meyers to state prison for anywhere from four to 15 years. Instead, she will spend about 90 days in jail and four years on probation.

1st Edition - DARWINS THEORY OF EVOLUTION - Stolen from Library

As reported earlier, some materials were stolen from the rare book room of the Transylvania University library. search-engines-web guy followed up on this and found an update on the theft in the Lexington Herald-Leader. One of the books that was stolen is a first edition copy of Darwin's The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, believed to be one of only 1,600 copies.

Transylvania is offering a $5,000 reward for the return of the rare items or for information leading to their recovery in good condition. ... Anyone with information about the robbery should call Crime Stoppers at (859) 253-2020 or from a cell phone, call *2020, or Transylvania's department of public safety at (859) 233-8118. Lexington police Lt. James Curless said the investigation is continuing.


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