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Thieves target library

Anonymous Patron writes "The Camden Chronicle doesn't provide many details, but a library has been hit by a spate of handbag thefts.

There were three incidents in five days at Swiss Cottage Central Library, Avenue Road, Hampstead, between February 11 and February 16.

A 40-year-old woman had her handbag pinched from under her desk as she sat at a computer on February 11.
This is the UK, England, I think."

Missing Pages of Library Books Linked to Pedophiles

Anonymous Patron writes "WHNT-TV, Huntsville, AL Reports: Twelve thousand dollars worth of children's books from the Wheeler Basin Public Library are ruined."

Focus on Cookbook Vandalism

New cookbooks are coming to the shelves of the Bloomington, IL library, thanks to LISNews reporter and librarian Rochelle Hartman, who brought attention to the problem that struck her library last summer when unknown vandals cut out as many as 40 pages from assorted cookbooks. Friends organizations from other states have also pitched in to replace the damaged editions. Here's the good news.

Police: BTK is arrested; Dennis Rader named as suspect in killings

It's Being Reported police are saying they've arrested the "BTK" serial killer. The killer known as BTK is Wichita's most notorious serial killer, now connected with eight unsolved homicides from 1974 to 1986.

BTK stands for "Bind, Torture and Kill," a style of killing he used. The serial killer used the initials in letters he sent to local media.
In October 1974, several months after four members of the a family were killed, BTK contacted The Wichita Eagle to say he had placed a letter in a mechanical engineering textbook at the public library, and did something similar recently.

More on the Transylvania Thefts

Anonymous Patron writes "More about the Transylvania University rare book thefts from the Lexington Herald Leader including a letter to the editor disputing the article's contention that the thiefs were "good boys" up until the robbery."

Suspects In Rare Books Theft Released Until Trial

Anonymous Patron writes "A Short Blurb on that Transylvania University book theft incident from last month. The four suspects in the theft of rare books and manuscripts from Transylvania University have been released from jail pending their trial.

The items allegedly taken by the 20-year-old men included a first edition of Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of Species."

None of the men was required to post bail. Warren Lipka, Spencer Reinhard, Charles Allen and Eric Borsuk are accused of restraining a librarian at Transy and stealing the first-edition Darwin, a collection of 20 sketches by John James Audubon, a two-volume natural history called "Ortus Sanitatis or Garden of Health" and an illuminated manuscript from 1425."

Arrests in KY in Assault on Librarian and Theft of Rare Books

Four Kentucky college students have been arrested in the December heist of priceless rare books from the University of Transylvania. The FBI arrested a student from U.T., a University of Kentucky student, and two U.K. grads in the theft of a first edition of Darwin's "Origin of Species", Audobon prints, and incunabula from the library. They accomplished their deed while restraining the rare book librarian.

They were captured while attempting to sell the materials to Christie's auction house in NYC. Here's the awful story .

The Viking Deception

kmhess writes "The Vinland map, purchased by Yale University and displayed in its Library, was supposed to prove the Vikings had been to America hundreds of years before Columbus. Unfortutately, it was a forgery.

Last night, PBS's NOVA had an interesting show about how cartographic detectives proved this was a clever fake, and who might have created it."

Police Charge Man In IL Library Shooting

Michael tells us CBS Reports Anonymous tips lead Bellwood police to arrest a 23-year-old man in the shooting and wounding of a woman and her daughter during a robbery outside a library last week.

Two Women Shot in IL Library Parking Lot

JET writes " dpswid=2265994&dppid=65193Officers Looking For Suspect In Bellwood Library ShootingA 34-year-old woman who was shot outside the suburban library Wednesday night was released from the hospital on Thursday, but stayed close to her mother, who remained in intensive care after having also been shot in the same incident."


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