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Library signs disappear in massive theft

The Tri-Town Transcript Reports More than 70 Middleton, MA, residents got a rude awakening Sunday morning after realizing they'd been victims of what later proved to be a town-wide larceny of signs in support of the Flint Library's "Save Our Library" campaign.

Police find books worth £3,000 in city house

News From The UK: Books worth £3,000 and believed to have been stolen have been seized by police in a raid on a Leeds house.
Officers from the new Leeds city centre Neighbourhood Policing Team uncovered the mass of books when they swooped on an address in Armley as part of a two week concerted operation against theft offences.
A 43-year-old man has been arrested and charged with theft in connection with the discovery and is due to appear at Leeds Magistrates Court next Monday."No crime is without a victim and we are here to ensure the perpertrators are rigorously prosecuted."
... and the joys of book reading (legally)

Homicide suspect, victims met at library in Florida

The Reader's Shop writes "Here's An Odd One.

Reference librarian Laura Ling, 43 and Henry Lee Turner, 74 met at the Socastee Library in Florida. Ling met Stephen Stanko when he visited the library to reserch a book he was writing on prison life. Turner often talked with Stanko and Ling when he visited the library.

Police say they think Stanko strangled Ling, his girlfriend of five months, and sexually assaulted a girl in the home around 2 a.m. Friday. Turner was killed in his home on Saturday.

Police in Horry and Georgetown counties have issued national alerts for Stanko, who is still at large, and other library employees remained under police protection at work.

More On The Suspect.

Anger directed at library arsonists

Anonymous Patron writes "Leamington Spa Today Reports from the UK: Anger has been directed at arsonists in Whitnash who have forced the closure of the town's library.
Area manager for central Warwickshire libraries John Crossling said: "We feel a degree of disgust about this. It seems so pointless. We are doing our best to provide a service to the local community and have got computers in there which are aimed at the younger generation. Yet it appears to be members of that generation who are behind this.""

The invisible bookmobile

Cortez writes "As the plot thickens in the case of recently indicted Ocmulgee Regional Library director David C. Wilson, now they can't find the bookmobile: Savannah Now
"A middle Georgia library system that was the focus of a recent federal probe received a $100,000 state grant for a bookmobile, but never bought the vehicle. Federal investigators have declined to say whether the bookmobile or history project matters are the focus of any of the as-yet-undetailed theft counts""

One-Year Jail Sentence for Library Theft

Anonymous Patron wrote in with an article from the Arizona Daily Star:

A federal judge sentenced a man convicted of stealing historical documents from the University of Arizona Library Special Collections and the Arizona Historical Society.

It's too bad the irreplaceable documents weren't digitized. I wonder what this precedent bodes for Sandy Berger.

Stolen Antique Eagle Recovered From Trash

Remember the The Stolen Eagle? Well, Good News, The mounted bird was stolen sometime this winter from its display case on the second story of the Goodrich Memorial Library on Main Street.

It was found in good condition, trustees said Friday.The trash collector was emptying out bins in the alley behind the library and neighboring businesses Friday morning. "As he threw one of the bags into the truck, something snagged his glove," said Duquette. "He looked in the bag and found the missing eagle."

Telemarketers scam University libraries

The Michigan Daily Reports Some telemarketing companies have made millions of dollars by targeting unsuspecting college libraries like those at the University, according to a number of librarians.

A primary profit-making strategy of these companies is to tell the library employees that they have ordered their business-to-business directories — which provide an extensive listing of businesses that other businesses can call when they need services, such as technical support — and demanding that the library pay for them when in fact the library never purchased them. The cost of such directories ranges from $300 to $1,000, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Stuffed bald eagle stolen from Vermont library

Rich writes "AP reports that a stuffed bald eagle which could be 100 years old was stolen from the Goodrich Memorial Library in Newport, Vermont. "The bird was one of many in the display case, behind glass to protect onlookers from the mercury used at the time the animals were stuffed as a preservative." 2005/03/24/stuffed_bald_eagle_stolen_from_newport_ library/"

Suspicious book, tip lead to an arrest

Anonymous Patron writes " Reports Charles Wayne Gray, 60, of Lake Oswego, was arrested Tuesday on accusations he stole more than 1,000 library books, CDs and videotapes from libraries in Clackamas and Washington counties and sold them on the Internet.

Gray, a part-time worker at the Clackamas County library information network and the Tigard Public Library, sold at least $10,000 worth of library materials online in the past six months, according to the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office."


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