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Copper theft leaves TX library without power Reports The Julia Ideson Building, which houses reference and circulation services for the downtown Central Library while it is under renovation, is closed today while workers repair damage from a copper wiring theft.
The theft caused the building to lose power to the elevator, emergency lighting for the staircases and the fire alarm.

Woman sentenced to 10 days in jail for library theft

Today's "Woman sentenced to 10 days in jail for library theft" brought to you by Iowa City, Iowa. It's ten days in jail for a former Iowa City woman accused of stealing more than $1,000 in materials from the city's public library -- by using her children's library cards.

Library Destroyed in Street Riots North of Paris

As the website has it, "Une bibliothèque incendiée à Villiers-le-Bel" ( Roughly translated by Google (see we read the following:

The library Louis Jouvet, who was standing near 30000 loan documents a year, was one of three facilities near the town. "It was actually the most popular library in the old Villiers-le-Bel," says Isabelle responsible Walet. "She welcomed children and adults every day." The building of 280 m2 is completely destroyed. "With my team, we are bewildered and sad," said Isabelle Walet, "we invest a lot in the relationship with the people and, in one night, this public service has entirely disappeared."

See additional coverage at

Stop, thief! All in a librarian’s work

day about 20 years ago, librarians at the state Archive had their eye on a suspicious-looking visitor who was known to have a criminal record. After he left, one of the staff members flew urgently back to the boss’s office.
He just took off with the book!

The Book Thief: The True Crimes of Daniel Spiegelman

I was at a library conference this last weekend and I attended a talk by Travis McDade who is the author of The Book Thief: The True Crimes of Daniel Spiegelman. (Link is to the author's website) You may have heard of this book through a mention on BookTV. CSPAN ran a piece about the book. The book is about Daniel Spiegelman who stole $18 million of rare books and letters from Columbia U.'s library in the spring of 1994.

The author of the book is a librarian so purchasing the book will help a fellow member of the profession. In his talk the author mentioned that he was not happy with the price that the publisher put on the book. ($49) Libraries may have been the target market for the book so the price might have been set for that market. The talk the author gave was very interesting. Librarians in the room that had read the book said that they enjoyed it. If your library does not have this book you might want to consider getting a copy.

The author has a blog that you can see here.

Refuge for readers can be risky

One more from California this morning, This Time it's from LA, where some L.A. libraries face increasing disruptions from thugs, vandals and other troublemakers. Plans are underway to beef up security. At the Jefferson branch, six windows were smashed this month by gang members seeking a man who hid inside until police gave him a ride home. At the Exposition branch, an August shooting outside the library's main door prevented patrons from leaving until security arrived. Last spring, a principal at a charter school sent a letter to parents, urging students not to go to the Hyde Park-Miriam Matthews Public Library because children were being "taunted, harassed and intimidated by the students [from nearby schools]."

Great News: They're Stealing Our Books!

The Frankfurt Book Fair has an unusual indicator to help publishers gauge public interest in the new literary offerings presented at the annual exhibition. It's the unofficial "most stolen book" index.

6 MI libraries robbed recently

The Plainfield Library and five other libraries in Ottawa and Kent (Michigan) counties are unlikely robbery targets, but they have been hit recently.

Libraries don't have much cash on hand, and the value commodities, like computers, are hard to take on the run.

Police believe one person is responsible for all seven robberies, five at The Plainfield Library, Comstock Park Library, Krause Memorial Library in Rockford, Northeast Ottawa District Library in Coopersville, Ravenna Library, and two at the Sparta Library.

Teen Vandalizes Bakersfield CA Library

birdie writes "Story from the Bakersfield CA ABC-affiliate station: Residents in northeast Bakersfield are upset and questioning why a teenager would vandalize their local library branch.

The act of vandalism took place around 2 a.m. Sunday, when a drunken 16-year-old boy used a cement sewer cover to smash the exterior windows of the library then proceeded to knock over bookshelves and use fire extinguishers to spray fire retardant all over the library."

Flags Stolen off Flagpoles at Tennessee Library

The Humboldt Public Library is minus one Tennessee state flag and two U.S. flags. Whodunit?


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