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Ex-NY library treasurer charged with $280G theft

Ex-NY library treasurer charged with $280G theft
The former longtime treasurer for a Utica New York library has pleaded not guilty to a grand larceny charge stemming from the embezzlement of more than $280,000 from the library.

Boulder Book Store won't say which writer tried to steal his own book

Boulder Book Store won't say which writer tried to steal his own book
Scott Foley, who is now the floor manager for the Boulder Bookstore, wouldn't disclose the name of the thieving author but said his attempt to swipe his own tome has become an infamous story told during security training for new bookstore employees.

"We have a series of video and camera shots we show them, and he happens to be on that list," Foley said.

Brazen vandals target public library

Brazen vandals target public library
A library in Brazoria County (TX) is an unlikely target for vandals. The damage isn't limited to broken glass and graffiti. Someone has gone so far as to urinate on books.

Man gets six years in library child porn case

Man gets six years in library child porn case
A state district judge sentenced a man who downloaded child pornography at the Brownsville Public Library to six years in prison.

Stealing Books

The Paper Cuts blog has a piece on stealing books.

They are asking: Dear readers, have you ever stolen a book? Post your true confessions here — assuming the statute of limitations has run out.

Not suprising that several of the confessions are about thefts from libraries.

The Paper Cuts blog post is in response to an essay in the Sunday Book Review called Steal These Books

Cops: Library Stalls; Librarian Disagrees

MONTROSE, NY - State police say they have pulled the plug on an investigation into the possible viewing of child pornography by a patron of Hendrick Hudson Free Library because the library board refuses to cooperate with them.

The library director, however, said board members are reviewing the matter, have not made a decision - and insisted that the board is not stonewalling police.

"The board is definitely not not cooperating," director M. Jill Davis said Thursday. "We're looking for some additional information to evaluate the situation and then make a decision."

Tough Love From a Tough Dad

The following is a post from The Merry Librarian ( dated Sept. 27th, 2009. Check out the website for all postings!

"Tough Love from a Tough Dad"

This week’s Story of the Week is one of the rare stories that is genuinely heartwarming (though we’re sure there are more out there!). As librarians–as with any public service profession–we so often see the sad and traumatic family interactions. It is refreshing to witness powerful and positive relationships like this one. Thank you, “Diane”, for this great story!

I work at a small library in an area of town that tends to house the lower-economic demographic. It is not unusual for things to be stolen from our library on a regular basis–most frequently our DVDs. One day, I was at the reference desk when a man came in with a young, teenage boy. The man looked pretty haggard. He had tattoos everywhere (even a cross between his eyebrows! Ouch!) and lots of piercings. He looked like he’d had a pretty hard life. When he came up to the desk, he set a very tall pile of DVDs in front of me–at least 20 DVDs.

“I found these in my son’s room,” he said. “He didn’t check them out. He stole them.”

I didn’t quite know how to respond, so I (rather stupidly) said, “Oh. Okay. So none of them are checked out?”

“No, ma’am,” he answered. Then he knelt down on the ground so that he was eye to eye with me. His son knelt beside him, looking deeply humiliated and angry.

Meth ring used comic books to launder cash, authorities say

Investigators in Colorado say they have broken up a massive methamphetamine ring in the Denver area that distributed pounds of the dangerous drug every week and laundered the profits using collectible comic books.

Story at CNN

Investigator testifies in Sacramento library scam case

Check by check, a veteran accountant detailed the bank accounts Tuesday that prosecutors hope will help them convict three people in Sacramento's library kickback scandal.

Sixteen months after felony charges were filed against two former library officials and the wife of one of them, testimony began in Sacramento Superior Court aimed at bringing the case to trial.

Stolen DVDs Returned to Library

From the Palm Beach Post:

DVDs for sale at a Riviera Beach thrift store caught the eye of a shopper who noticed some of them bore stickers identifying them as property of the Palm Beach County Public Library System.

The shopper should know; he works for the library.

Riviera Beach police have recovered 174 DVDs and nine music CDs, most from the county system but others from other public libraries, Sgt. Pat Galligan said this afternoon.

Read the rest here.


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