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Why am I still on Facebook?

I just saw a news story that says Facebook actively blocks users with unsual names. So how does the effing librarian get to keep his account when Alicia Istanbul lost hers?

I'm kind of offended that my fake name isn't fake enough to alert Facebook's name goons. My fake first name is Effing and my fake last name is Librarian; is there a country where that's common?

I just feel sorry for the real people who need to prove they exist when I and Seymour Butts and I.P. Freely seem to get a free pass.

Twitter With Your Tweeps

Do you feel the need to belong to a twibe? This one's for librarians.


Has anyone else the explosive popularity of Twitter in the last week? Ever since the Ashton Kutcher / CNN battle-publicity stunt for 1,000,000 followers and Queen Oprah's seal of approval, I've seen many new followers on the effing librarian's tweetstage. Even my mom has many more tweetpals than she ever expected (but then, she follows tons of twittererers, too).

So if you're not already tweeting, now is NOT the time to sign up. It's just too busy. But if you do sign up, my mom really likes being followed.

A Public Library Keeps Patrons Clued in with Messaging and Texting

Nobody can say that the Plainfield IL Public Library isn't perfectly up to date.

For the last six months, you've been able to IM a librarian, and now you can also text a librarian. It's is the first library in the state to offer a Text-a-Librarian service, according to Michelle Roubal, the library's head of reference and reader services. More from Suburban Chicago News.

Libraries on Twitter

Looking for library/librarian tweeters? Oregon State University MLIS student Lindy Brown has a list here, and would appreciate your amending it as necessary.

And We All Want To Be Better At Our Work, Don't We?

Caught Twittering or on Facebook at work? It'll make you a better employee, according to an Australian study that shows surfing the Internet (in moderation) during office hours increases productivity.

The University of Melbourne study showed that people who use the Internet for personal reasons at work are about 9 percent more productive that those who do not. Report from Wired...

Why I Quit Google

Google's top designer Doug Bowman quit the company to join Twitter. Mostly, Doug didn't like how much Google depends on data to make design decisions.

His basic complaint: "When a company is filled with engineers, it turns to engineering to solve problems. Reduce each decision to a simple logic problem. Remove all subjectivity and just look at the data. Data in your favor? Ok, launch it. Data shows negative effects? Back to the drawing board. And that data eventually becomes a crutch for every decision, paralyzing the company and preventing it from making any daring design decisions." This is a portion of his blog post, find it at stop design.

A New Type Of Identity Theft in 2009

Today in 2009 a new bunch of identity thieves will soon come after your web profiles. Aladdin a security firm has produced their security report.. According to their report, if you don't own and control your online persona, it's relatively easy for a anyone to aggregate the known public information about you in order to create a fake one.
Those Without Social Network Profiles Could Have Online Identities Stolen
This new type of identity theft was listed among other predictions for 2009 in the firm's annual report and was based on previous trends which included a rise in attacks distributed through social networking channels.
According to the report this new type of identity theft will be "devastating, both on the personal level by creating difficulties in employment, damaging social and professional connections, ruining reputations; as well as on a financial level, such as stealing customers, corporate data,"
The team at Aladdin was able to set up fake online identities which ended up connecting to the real network of friends and acquaintances easily.
What began as a harmless "fun" way to socialize, grew into a professional way to maintain someone's network and make new connections, the report notes. Unfortunately, this new type of identity theft, aka "identity hijacking," will become more of an issue in 2009 unless social networking sites create ideas that will incorporate better, more trustworthy ways of connecting an online persona to a real person. -- Read More

MySpace Claims to Have Booted Sex Offenders but Won't Identify them to Facebook

It's the old pay to play gambit. According to CNet, MySpace announced on Tuesday that it has deleted 90,000 accounts owned by registered sex offenders.

It's especially good news for Sentinel, the security company that MySpace used to track down the accounts. And now Sentinel appears to be trying to take advantage of its success with MySpace into a PR campaign partly aimed at getting Facebook into signing a contract as well.

John Cardillo, the CEO of Sentinel, gave an interview to TechCrunch in which he said thousands of those who were banned from MySpace can now be found on Facebook--not yet one of Sentinel's clients.

Not great news for Facebook. "For a company that has a mission to keep kids safe, we find it irresponsible that they wouldn't share this with us," representative Barry Schnitt (Senior Manager, Corporate Communications and Public Policy at Facebook) told TechCrunch in an addendum to the tech blog's original post. "Or, if not with us, how about with law enforcement? This could have been an announcement that Sentinel and Facebook removed 8,000 potential sex offenders. We still don't have the information on who they are. If you are willing to share that with us, we will investigate immediately."

Tons of Twittery Tips

From John Kremer, Book Market, here are just some of his twitter suggestions:

Google Twitter Gadget: Allows you to read and update Twitters right on your desktop.

Loud Twitter: This batch-tweeting service allows users to set up automatic posting of their tweets to their blog (a listing of tweets once per day).

Mr. Tweet: Helps you build meaningful relationships on Twitter, showing you the followers and influencers you should follow. Also recommends you to enthusiastic users relevant to you.

A free service that allows you to customize your Twitter page. Again, a customized page is a boon for helping you to brand yourself on Twitter. I ( used this service to produce my current Twitter background in five minutes.

Ping Vine: A free service that takes an Atom or RSS feed from your blog, lifestream or favorite website and posts it to Twitter, or Hence, you can automatically post your blog posts to Twitter via RSS feed.

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