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P. Diddy drops $1 million on NYC school libraries

High-profile hip-hop phenomenon Sean "P. Diddy" Combs has donated half of the $2 million he raised in running the recent New York City Marathon to the city's public schools, specifically to support school libraries and technology. The New York Post has the scoop.

Quiet couple is not shy in gift to library

Good News from MD, where Eddie and Sylvia Brown couldn't be happier with how the Enoch Pratt Free Library plans to house the African-American collection named in their honor.

"It exceeded my expectations," said Eddie Brown, while looking over the new reading room last week. "This is sensational, beautiful space. Top shelf." The room is part of a new four-story annex to the central Pratt library that will open officially today.
Brown, who is founder and president of Brown Capital Management, and his wife contributed $1 million to support and enlarge the more than 13,000-volume African-American collection that includes notable works such as an original Benjamin Banneker Almanac and volumes relating the collective experience of slavery.

Judges sentences man to read in library every day

Charles Davis writes "from A Turkish judge has sentenced a man to spend 90 minutes
each day reading in a library for a month.

Alparslan Yigit, from Yenifakili, should originally have been
sentenced to 15 days in prison for drunkenness and
disorderly conduct.

But the judge opted for an alternative sentence to avoid
putting extra pressure on overcrowded Turkish prisons.

He ruled Yigit, 28, had to spend an hour and a half reading
at a library every day for a month.

Yigit complained, saying being forced to read in a public
place was a humiliation equivalent to "doing the dishes at

He even ran out of the courtroom and disappeared for
some time, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung reports.

But eventually, he started serving his time at the library -
with a police supervisor making sure he wasn't just leafing
through the page"

Collection speaks volumes about their passion

Always lazy Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeven EM Cohen shares a Story on Lee and Mike Temares who estimate they have nearly 35,000 hardcovers and paperbacks. They are so much a part of the house that they seem architectural, as if the floor-to-ceiling volumes prop up the roof. The house is fragrant with them and they brush your shoulder as you squeeze past shelves in the narrow back hallway.

Child porn bust made in library

Gary "Visit The ResourceShelf" Price spotted a story on Richard Edward Brillhart, a 23-year-old registered sex offender, was charged with the federal crimes of possession and transportation of child pornography. The agents taped him with cameras hidden behind book stacks. Brillhart, 21800 block Haines St., was being held at the Lee County jail Friday, pending a detention hearing Tuesday in U.S. Middle District Court in Fort Myers. No bail was set.
Full Story.

FBI: Kiddie porn sent from library

A registered sex offender was arrested Thursday for allegedly sending sadomasochistic child pornography over the Internet from public-access computers at Charlotte County, FL, libraries.

Richard Edward Brillhart, 23, of 21874 Haines Ave. in Port Charlotte was secretly videotaped by an FBI agent Oct. 10 at the Murdock Public Library as he looked at "images of prepubescent children engaged in sex acts" and read a "fantasy story."
Full Story.

Poets' poll crowns Larkin king of verse

Charles Davis writes "from story at
The Guardian. Philip Larkin has survived his brief exile from literary fashion as a middle-aged misanthrope with too pronounced a taste for
pornography, to emerge unreservedly as the poetry buff's favourite poet of the past 50 years.

He has triumphantly kicked his rival Ted Hughes, who was appointed poet laureate when Larkin refused the post, into second place.
Hughes's wife, Sylvia Plath, came equal second with her husband.

These were among the results yesterday of a poll of several thousand poetry readers held jointly by the Poetry Book Society and the
Poetry Library to mark their 50th anniversaries"

Boy sentenced to visit library

A Very Small Blurb out of Australia says A court of appeals in central Turkey has upheld a sentence handed out to a 15-year-old boy that he go to a library three times a week for having stabbed another boy in the arm three years ago.

Testing the limits of free speech

Mock Turtle writes "Lyle Stuart, 81-year-old president of maverick publisher Barricade Books Inc., has spent 50 years as a writer, editor and publisher of books considered too racy or dangerous for other publishers. He knows many of the books he publishes are objectionable to the average American, but he still wants people to be able to read how to make bombs and to learn the inner thoughts of a pedophile. "If you are not allowed to discuss ideas freely, then you have problems," says Stuart. "My feeling is you should have access to everything." Get the story from Reuters."

Madonna's Children's Book Tops the List

I just don't have the heart to put this one under authors...AP Entertainment Reports Madonna's children's story, "The English Roses," was published simultaneously around the world Sept. 15 and will top The New York Times' children's list for the Oct. 5 edition. According to Nielsen BookScan, which tracks sales in the United States, Madonna's book sold 57,369 copies in its first full week, ranking No. 5 overall. The top seller was Dr. Phil McGraw's "The Ultimate Weight Solution," with sales of 215,536.


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