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Knighthood for Tim Berners-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web in his spare time while working in a physics lab, has been awarded a knighthood for his efforts. Berners-Lee makes the UK's New Year's Honours List, announced today, alongside the likes of Ray Davies, Eric Clapton, and Philip Pullman. The Independent has the story.

Disabled woman creates town library

Norma writes "The Columbus Dispatch ran a follow-up Dec. 28 on stories printed earlier in the year. I noticed that Samantha Crewson is working on establishing a library for Catawba, Ohio, 35 miles west of Columbus in Clark County. With donations and no government money she has collected 50-60,000 books. This is therapy for Crewson who had a brain aneurysm in 1994 and this project is helping her regain lost skills, according to the CD. Sorry, but I can't link to the article."

Jesus Eye on the Genealogist Guy, Barb's Stuff 3

Robin Rose Yuran writes "JESUS EYE ON THE GENEALOGIST GUY(Another Stuff Barb Don’t Want Moment)By Robin Rose YuranThey like to travel in packs; I can usually spot them coming up the path to the library; they are the genealogists, the ones with the Jesus-freak eye-glazed look accompanied by way too much smiling. It’s a “Stand away from the car�/�Houston we’ve got a problem moment.�

STUFF BARB DON'T WANT at the circ desk

robin rose yuran wants to tell us about her experiences at the circ desk. Follow the link below for the full story, but here's a teaser:

My sister once went to a tag sale, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. The lawn was peppered with dog poop and plastic kid’s toys. One of those huge satellite receivers yawned its black maw towards the sky. There was a cardboard box in the driveway with black magic marker letters that spelled out “STUFF BARB DON’T WANT.� Later that day, after a couple of glasses of wine, she told me the story and we got laughing hysterically. But STUFF BARB DON’T WANT didn’t want to leave; it’s become somewhat of a catchall phrase, sort of an inside joke, to signify anything unpleasant or unuseful from moldy fruit to Mormons at the door. Barb has become a member of the family, one that shows up every once in a while when you least expect it.STUFF BARB DON’T WANT pops in sometimes at the small library where I work....

UK Innovator of the Year Praises British Library

Charles Davis writes "from

Mark Sheahan, Innovator of the Year 2003,
developed his successful range of Squeezeopen
containers with vital support from the British Library's
business services.

As a first time inventor with little
experience of where to go for information, Mark approached the
British Library. Using the Library's resources and with help from the
Library's Research Service, Mark quickly found the information he
needed, including patent information and market research reports.

The Library's vast collections were essential for his detailed research
into plastics as the product development continued. Throughout the
whole process, any of the documents he needed - including journal
articles and patent specifications - were delivered straight to his
desktop via the Library's document supply operation.

Mark Sheahan, said: "The British Library is quite simply a treasure
trove of business information."

No, seriously: just who is it that's nuts?

Fang-Face writes "John Brand, a YellowTimes columnist, has a very interesting analysis of paranoia as it pertains to regarding the Bush adminstration. He essentially asks the question: are we the ones who are paranoid, or is it really the gubmint and are we getting it from them? What is truly telling, however, is what writes about a new law being proposed.

Then just a couple of days ago, I received a message dealing with certain federal funds granted to some universities. The gist of the matter boils down to the fact that some professors are accused of teaching subject matters inimical of America's foreign policy. Some government officials consider this criticism to be a highly undemocratic activity. To eliminate the unpatriotic scum, it is proposed to establish a federal board that would control what may or may not be taught. The proposed legislation is H.R. 3077. The board would consist of members from Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, and the National Security Agency.

Why do I get the feeling that Big Brother is getting closer and closer?"

Boy locked in library for keeping watch while pals had sex

Lee Hadden spotted a Strange Ananova Article that says A Chilean schoolboy sent to the library for the rest of the term for keeping watch while two friends had sex has been let back into classes.

Officials at Claretiano School in San Miguel agreed to let 12-year-old Cristobal Suarez back into lessons only after his mother sued the school.

He was punished after he was caught keeping watch while two of his friends had sex inside a classroom, reports La Cuarta Online.

Media-Effects Researchers Back Out of FTC Hearings

Fang-Face writes "A commentary by Marjorie Heins at the Free Expression Policy Project examines an incident fairly typical of moral crusaders. Two media-violence-as-violent-influence proponents, Craig Anderson and L. Rowell Huesmann, have canceled out of a conference wherein they were to debate opponents to the movement to control violence in entertainment. The attempt to discredit the opponents, Dr. Joanne Savage, criminologist at American University, and Jonathan Freedman, professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, is based on the specious argument that they are not "legitimate experts" on media violence. Actually, there is something to that; Doctor Freedman is not an expert on media violence so much as he is an expert on studies of media violence. All of which, he claims, are invalid. You can see my own opinion on the issue of media violence studies at my web site."

library patron loses privileges after tearing magazine

Here's A Follow Up on John Callaghan.
His decision to rip the cover off a gay and lesbian news magazine has cost him his borrowing privileges for a month, the Williamsburg Regional Library director said today.

"Everyone is deeply concerned about this issue and is concerned that library policy, as well as Virginia Code, was violated," said library director John Moorman. "It's an issue I think of tolerance and respect for the wide variety of individuals that live in our community."

Callaghan, a resident of Ford's Colony, said he won't contest the library's decision.

"If that's what they wish to do, that's their business. It's their library," he said. "I've made a point and I'm not a rabble-rouser. I'm not trying to cause trouble. I did what I thought was right."

Bill and Melinda Gates Most Generous

You can complain all you want about Microsoft (and I know you will), but MS Chairman Bill Gates and his wife Melinda have given away over half their net worth--nearly $23 billion--to various charities making them the most generous charitable donors in America according to this CNNMoney article.


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