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Breasts bared in ballad broadsides

DiscoveryNews reports on researchers who say it was fashionable for women in 17th-Century England to dress with their breasts exposed, a practice shown on illustrated ballad sheets from the period.

"Angela McShane Jones, a lecturer in history at University of Warwick in Coventry, England, became interested in the subject while studying the nearly 2,000 woodcut ballads housed in the Samuel Pepys collection at Cambridge University. Additional ballad sheets located at the British Library, the National Library of Scotland, Harvard University, and other institutions fuelled her study."

According to Jones' recent article in History Today (look at the hardcopy magazine or an online pdf for illustrations), "The evidence suggests that while displaying the breasts was supposed to be an upper-class affair, it had been vulgarized and imitated by lower-class women, aspiring to courtly fashion." Not surprisingly, "Sermons, pamphlets, broadsides and ballads, written against women showing their breasts ... were produced continuously."

Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose ...

Pens for Afghanistan

madcow writes "Anonymous blogger Atrios is talking about an project by a blogger now working for the military in Afghanistan who says that literacy, and potentially, true reform, is being hindered by a simple lack of pens. Read it here.

Whether you like Atrios or not, it seems simple enough to support a call for pens from a country we're trying to rebuild. Let's show them that, unlike the taliban's fundamentalist extremists, we support literacy among the people."

Happy Mother's Day--LOC Style

nbruce writes "Happy Mother's Day to all of you who had Mothers. You might enjoy the special feature for May 9 at the Library of Congress, featuring photos, bios and bits of history and music:

The moon never beams without bringing me dreams
Of that wonderful mother of mine;
The birds never sing but a message they bring
Of that wonderful mother of mine.

Appreciate it here. It's not too late to call or send flowers."

High school transcript study

nbruce writes "The High School Transcript Study: A Decade of Change in Curricula and Achievement, 1990-2000 is available from the National Center for Education Statistics.

Summary: “This report presents findings from the 2000 High School Transcript Study (HSTS 2000) and examines the trends and changes in high school curriculum and student course taking patterns for the past decade. This publication allows policymakers, researchers, education agencies, and the public to examine the current status of the curricula being offered in public and non-public high schools. The HSTS 2000 collected 20,931 transcripts of students graduating from 277 American high schools. Results from the HSTS 2000 are presented with respect to earned course credits, grade point average, and education achievement, as measured by the National Assessment of Educational Progress 2000 Mathematics and Science assessments. In addition, results are compared across the four High School Transcript Studies between 1990 and 2000 (HSTS 1990, HSTS 1994, HSTS 1998, and HSTS 2000). Findings are presented throughout the report by selected student and school characteristics, including student gender, student race/ethnicity, school type (public vs. nonpublic), and region of the country.�

It is available in various pdf formats but a print version will eventually follow.

In 2000, high school graduates earned an average of 26.2 course credits, compared to an average of 23.6 in 1990. Interesting."

Advocates for blind fight cutback

rteeter writes "The Sacramento Bee has this story, Advocates for blind fight cutback, about service for the blind being cut in our illustrious governor's budget. Former state librarian Kevin Starr is leading the fight against the cuts."

Russell Crowe Helps Rebuild Library

Anonymous Patron writes "According to Movie/TV news from the Internet Movie Database, Russell Crowe is helping to rebuild a Montreal school library after it was attacked and burned."

Student Living In, Evicted from NYU Library

Steven M Cohen sends " this story from the about a New York University student who made his home in the University's library for eight months before ratting himself out via his livejournal. School officials, while sympathetic and finding his journal "cute" didn't feel the library was a suitable place and helped the young man find housing. He is currently waiting on news for next year's financial aid package."

The Library....a strip club in Vegas

anonymous writes "There is a strip club in Vegas called The Library. Here is the link:

The Library -

The review states that club has some nice touches. For example:

Book cases near the entry, cocktail waitresses dress like librarians. Three stages plus a shower room.

My question is: Do you need an MLS to work there?"

Librarian's Dramatic Past Life

teaperson writes, "Here's a librarian to abolish stereotypes ...

According to an article in the Boston Globe Frank Lavine was a crewman on Exodus 1947, a dramatic attempt to run the British blockade of Palestine with a shipload of Holocaust survivors. Then he comes back to the United States and becomes a librarian in Medford, MA.

There's also a radio documentary on Lavine and his mission from WBUR."

Police arrest sleeping library thief

Atlantic, Iowa, police nabbed a napper who allegedly intended to steal from the city library, but got drowsy before making his getaway.

Police officer Shawna Becker said the alleged burglar sprayed the facility's fire extinguisher for no apparent reason, which set off the library fire alarm.

Becker said police found Anthony D. Gersema, 20, of Atlantic asleep in a library office chair shortly after 7 a.m. last Friday. She said maintenance workers called police after spotting Gersema sleeping.

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