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A Volunteer @ The Mesa NM Library

Volunteers may work book sales, bake cakes, sell bookbags, collect donations and serve on boards, but there are other ways of volunteering @ your library.

Xiao Shi, visiting from Singapore as the wife of Los Alamos scientist Wen Quing Cao, has been teaching children the Chinese language and the classic art of Chinese brush painting at the Mesa NM library. Daughter of well-known Chinese calligrapher Can Fa Shi, Xiao Shi continues in the tradition, but is also expanding her classes to include more Western-style media, such as crayon and watercolor.

Here's a look at the fantastic library in Mesa architects photos and here's the story from the Los Alamos Monitor ).

Man charged with planting device at library

An Odd One Out of PA where Police said they have arrested the person responsible for planting a suspicious device in front of the Upper Perkiomen Valley Library 10 days ago.
A man walking to the library July 2 noticed the device near the front doors and called police. A bomb disposal unit was called in, and further examination revealed the device did contain several components of a possible explosive device, police said.

Web surfer's tip leads cops to sex offender

Anonymous Patron sent over This One From the Wednesday, June 30, 2004 Palm Beach Post on a sexual predator being held without bond on one charge of disorderly conduct and one charge of violating parole, after a patron called the police.

Kathy Boyes, community relations manager for the Palm Beach County Library System, said the librarians handled the incident properly. "They did not observe anything to lead them to believe there was improper behavior," Boyes said.

As for observing Carroll's computer use from a distance, Boyes said, "It is absolutely an issue of privacy. Our librarians do not observe what patrons are doing."

Libraries have long dealt with such problems. "There have always been dirty books," said the spokeswoman. In the past, though, there was a simpler solution: "We didn't buy the books," she said.
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Ex-Head NY Pub. Library awarded Medal of Freedom by Pres. notes The Associated Press reports Vartan Gregorian, scholar and historian, who headed the New York Public Library in the 1980s was awarded The Presidential Medal of Freedom. The Whitehouse Site has more on the life of Dr. Vartan Gregorian that began in Iran, in a town called Tabriz.

Professor's 'Books for Baghdad' in National Spotlight

conservator writes "A project started by Jacksonville State University's Dr. Safaa Al-Hamdani to collect textbooks for Baghdad University has attracted the attention of National Public Radio, NBC, FOX, ABC, the Associated Press and other media outlets.

Professors from universities throughout the state are donating surplus books and offering other help.

Dr. Safaa Al-Hamdani, an Iraq native and 1977 graduate of Baghdad University, said he conceived the idea in April. Since then, he and JSU colleagues have collected more than 700 books or pledges for books and are working on the logistics of mailing them.

Read more here.

Books or checks made payable to Books for Baghdad may be sent to Dr. Al-Hamdani in care of the Department of Biology, Jacksonville State University, 700 Pelham Road North, Jacksonville, AL 3626"

Booted for Bad Language, Banned Patron Sues Library

Another ridiculous law suit is going to be tying up the federal court system and costing the taxpayers money because some clown thinks he's above the rules. Fredric Maxwell, the guy who was banned from the Ann Arbor (MI) Public Library for excessively using obscene language, is suing the library in federal court for $115,000 and other "unspecified damages." He also wants a full-page apology in several newspapers. He thinks his rights were violated. What about the rights of the other people to not have to listen to his garbage? He is acting as his own attorney. Of course, if he were to win, this would establish a whole new precedent as far as what patrons "think" they are allowed to get away with. Who wants more headaches? Read More.

Man accused of editing library books

From an Anonymous Patron

A 79-year-old Lake George, NY man is in hot water.

Raymond Barber is accused of scratching out words in books from the Crandall Public Library in Glens Falls, substituting biblical phrases in the page margins, and writing "God is Enough" inside many covers.

Child poet Mattie Stepanek dies

Mattie Stepanek, the child poet whose inspirational verse made him a best-selling writer and a prominent advocate for muscular dystrophy, died Tuesday from complications of the disease. He was 13.

Posted on CNN


The next celebration for freedom-lovers and booklovers is coming up...JUNETEENTH (June 19th).

Here's a selection of interesting articles and a history of the holiday as first celebrated in Texas in 1865, two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation.

Tallahassee Democrat

Website for Juneteenth

History of the celebration

a Review of Ellison's novel published posthumously.

Thanks to Rev. Ronald V. Myers, Sr., M.D. for pointing to and

Mariah Carey Plans To Pen Series Of Children's Books

Proof that anyone can write a childrens book From MTV. Having shelved the idea of writing a memoir, Mariah Carey is pulling a Madonna and wants to do children's books instead.
The book series would focus on a biracial orphan girl who goes on a journey of "self-discovery, navigating difficulties and misunderstandings, making the world a better place," a source close to the singer said.


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