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Graphic Novel Creator Will Eisner Dead at 87

Will Eisner, innovator of an increasingly popular literary format, the graphic novel, died yesterday at the age of 87. His most well-known creation was "The Spirit", a hero with no superpowers. Obit here.

Eisner was born in New York on March 6, 1917, published his first comic in 1936 in a publication called "Wow, What a Magazine!" There, he met Jerry Iger, and together they created a comic book outfit that employed, among other artists, Bob Kane, the creator of Batman, and Jack Kirby, one of the creators of the Fantastic Four and several other Marvel Comics heroes. Eisner also had the bad fortune of turning down a comic called Superman by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

For more information on contemporary graphic novels, here's a
by librarian Steve Roman of the DeKalb (IL)Public Library.

Oklahoma Librarian Calendar

Anonymous Patron writes "Want 12 months of Oklahoman Librarians? Well then, you could purchase the calendar mentioned at the OLA Blog. 5-okie-librarian-calendar.html

Let's give the following librarians a hand for willing to be photographed:

  • Lee Peoples
  • Adriana Edwards-Johnson
  • Jonathan Woltz
  • Kimberly Johnson
  • Kimberly Ann Edwards
  • Joy Summers-Ables
  • Robin Kickingbird
  • Ursula Ellis
  • Sara Martinez
  • Lynn Wallace
  • Buffy Edwards
  • Monica Bread"

Activist Fights for Access to Library, cites FDLP

Anonymous Patron writes "The Harvard Crimson Online reports on a man arrested ejected from the Harvard Law School Library (HLS). The patron, Mr. Richard Max Strahan had often used the Federal Depository Library at the HLS. HLS requires non-Harvard depository users to register and Mr. Strahan was neither registered, or in the depository area when he was arrested. "

Daniel adds: The Federal Depository Library Program has offered some guidance on balancing the requirements of free access to depository materials and the particular mission of a given library. Among the measures allowed is patron registration.

Librarians Signing Up to Have Book Published on Their Skin

madcow writes "Just caught this in the Times Magazine article about best ideas of 2004: A living skin book.

(Author Shelley) "Jackson is publishing her latest short story by recruiting 2,095 people, each of whom will have one word of the story tattooed on his or her body. The story, titled ''Skin,'' will appear only on the collective limbs, torsos and backsides of its participants. And decades from now, when the last of Jackson's ''words'' dies, so, too, will her tale. ""

Molester's lawsuit blaming library security is tossed

Strange One Out Of Indiana where a judge has thrown out a prisoner's lawsuit blaming a library's security for the child molesting he committed.

He claimed that the 4-year-old victim would not have been hurt if security guards had confronted him or called police after observing him in an unauthorized area of the St. Joseph County Public Library before the molestation.

Retired Librarian and Thrash Musician passes away

djfiander writes "Hugh McIntyre, founding member of Nihilist Spasm Band has passed away. The UWO campus radio station, CHRW has some MP3s (but they're not easy to find, so check ZOILUS) and the ZOILUS music weblog has more information."

In Kansas, a Serial Killer Resurfaces, Tantalizingly via the Library

Anonymous Patron writes "In 1974 serial killer B.T.K. wrote his first letter, placed it in a book in a Wichita library and told The Eagle where to find it. This week, the police released a highly detailed profile of the killer based on his letters, raising hopes of a breakthrough in a case that has haunted Wichita for a generation. The new developments in the case have turned into a Circus, In July, police were called to the Wichita Public Library for a suspicious package. An ABC Affiliate in Wichita has a good summary on events so far. The U.S. Congress has set aside $1 million for the Wichita Police Department.

The New York Times Has This, and there's Many More new stories out there."

Another Man suspected of viewing child porn in library

Anonymous Patron writes "This One From Sacramento California. The Sacramento Police Department is investigating a 30-year-old man suspected of looking at child pornography in Sacramento State's library Nov. 8.

The man, whose name was not released, was not viewing the pornography when three officers approached him."

Another Anonymous Patron writes "This one from Edmonton Sun, Canada where A 34-year-old man has been charged after allegedly downloading child pornography at the Cambridge (Ontario) Public Library. The man's arrest on Tuesday was part of a police investigation into "suspicious activities allegedly linked to this individual," Waterloo regional police Staff Sgt. Bryan Larkin said yesterday."

Thousands of books pile up in Michigan collector's home

Thousands of books pile up in Michigan collector's home: It has taken Free Soil woman between 25 and 30 years to collect 20,000 volumes.

Buss estimates that she has about 1,000 books she hasn't read yet, in part because she had some vision problems while she was in the middle of acquiring some books and had to store them. "I plan on retiring next year, so I'll have plenty of time to read," she said. "I'll bring all the boxes down and get them done in two weeks."

Plea over books for blind people

Anonymous Patron writes "A BBC NEWS report suggests Blind and partially sighted people in Scotland are being denied the opportunity to read 95% of books, according to a new report.
RNIB Scotland said only a small proportion of books are available in brail, large print or as audio books."


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