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Rolling Stones' Wyman: 'I should have been a librarian'

For those of you under 40, Bill Wyman used to be in the Rolling Stones. For those of you under 30, The Rolling Stones are a band that was popular when your parents were your age, now you can hear them in many television commercials, or on that radio station only old people listen to. Anyways, In This Interview Bill Wyman says:

"I should have been an archaeologist, or a museum curator. Or a librarian."

You can't regret being in the Rolling Stones! "No," he replies, "but I regret the times spent when I couldn't enjoy my hobbies. They had to go on the backburner. It was a frustration."

For those of you under 30 who are asking yourself why you should care, you shouldn't, but anytime someone in a band that was popular 40 years ago says something, everyone your parents age will read it. The same thing will happen to you in 40 years when Eminem says he should've been a librarian.

County weighs library ban on sex offenders

Anonymous Patron writes "The Oregonian reports on Clark County (Washington?) commissioners and library leaders who are mulling whether registered sex offenders pose a threat to young library users -- and whether libraries should be off-limits to them.
During last week's meeting of the county board and leaders of the Fort Vancouver Regional Library, Commissioner Marc Boldt introduced the topic by saying he wanted to "chitchat" about Internet filters on library computers. But when the library delegation indicated that the controversy had been resolved, Boldt said he would like to go further.

"What do you do about registered sexual offenders?" he asked."

Sigurd Rasmussen; First U.N. Librarian (1906-2005)

The very first librarian of the United Nations, Sigurd Rasmussen, a Dane by birth who later became a US citizen, has died at the age of 99.

From 1941 to 1946, he was a librarian for the League of Nations Mission at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ, working with such luminaries as Albert Einstein.

Fluent in a dozen languages, he later formed what would become the Library of the United Nations and became the U.N.'s first librarian in 1946. Obituary from the Washington Post .

They Move! They Shake! : LJ Announces the Cream o' the Crop

Library Journal has announced their annual Movers & Shakers for 2005, and we in the blogopshere are proud to be represented by Michael Stephens of Tame the Web and Aaron Schmidt who delivers Walking Paper. Many other good names on the list. Give 'em a shout out in the comments.

He Sued (and Won) the Library; Now It's the Transit Authority

Richard Kreimer, 55, who successfully sued the Morristown (NJ) Library for harassment (they ejected him due to his unappealing smell), is now pursuing another target, New Jersey Transit. The stakes are much higher this time, he's suing for $5,000,000.000, as the court award of $230,000 from his 1991 suit has long been spent on medical expenses from a number of chronic health problems.

Here's the news on the current suit, an audio interview from NPR and a suit from last year against the transit system in Philadelphia.

LiveJournal as RSS Aggregator

deborah writes "

For those who, like me, use livejournal as RSS aggregator, I've syndicated Blake's lisnews journal and Rochelle's blog at livejournal. blake_lisnews and justrochelle, respectively.

I'll syndicate any others if someone requests them.


Locals react to library plaque

Anonymous Patron writes "A Strange One our of Massachusetts where A woman who said a man cared for her while she received cancer treatment can't believe library officials have agreed to put the name of his confessed killer on a library plaque. The killer was his live-in lover and fiancé on Feb. 7, and then fled to the woods and shot himself later in the day, according to police and prosecutors.
But city officials say they support Library Director Susan Shelton's decision to include the name on a plaque honoring hundreds of people who donated money to the new library."

Man arrested for killing cat outside of library

Anonymous Patron writes "New From Des Moines, Iowa, where A Moline, Illinois, man has been arrested for animal abuse for allegedly cutting a cat's throat outside the Bettendorf Library.

Police say a library patron reported that 34-year-old Thomas Hammond cut the cat's throat after it walked through the library parking lot about 10:30 a.m. yesterday (Monday)."

Sex offender arrested in Chicago library incident

Anonymous Patron writes "Not many details to this Chicago Tribune Piece but yet another sex offender was arrested in yet another library incident. This time a convicted sex offender was arrested last week after he touched a 4-year-old girl he was reading to at the Harold Washington Library Center, Chicago police and library officials said.
The girl's mother was in the children's section of the library when she gave a man permission to read to the child, said library spokeswoman Ruth Lednicer. When the mother saw what she judged to be inappropriate touching, she alerted a library guard, Lednicer said."

Resident wants to throw the book at library

Anonymous Patron writes "Resident wants to throw the book at library: A Bloomfield Hills (MI) man is suing his township after being denied membership card. "The library has decided to put the squeeze on. Not only did they refuse my rights to borrow materials, but they have asked the 90 libraries in their network of affiliates to not issue nonresident cards to any Bloomfield Hills residents," said Goldstone, 85.

The longtime Bloomfield Hills resident has filed a lawsuit against the library to obtain a nonresident card and to pay an applicable fee in order to gain full access to the facility, which includes the right to borrow materials. "


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