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Sex offender arrested in Chicago library incident

Anonymous Patron writes "Not many details to this Chicago Tribune Piece but yet another sex offender was arrested in yet another library incident. This time a convicted sex offender was arrested last week after he touched a 4-year-old girl he was reading to at the Harold Washington Library Center, Chicago police and library officials said.
The girl's mother was in the children's section of the library when she gave a man permission to read to the child, said library spokeswoman Ruth Lednicer. When the mother saw what she judged to be inappropriate touching, she alerted a library guard, Lednicer said."

Resident wants to throw the book at library

Anonymous Patron writes "Resident wants to throw the book at library: A Bloomfield Hills (MI) man is suing his township after being denied membership card. "The library has decided to put the squeeze on. Not only did they refuse my rights to borrow materials, but they have asked the 90 libraries in their network of affiliates to not issue nonresident cards to any Bloomfield Hills residents," said Goldstone, 85.

The longtime Bloomfield Hills resident has filed a lawsuit against the library to obtain a nonresident card and to pay an applicable fee in order to gain full access to the facility, which includes the right to borrow materials. "

Home libraries: An alternate place to feel cozy

The Cincinnati Enquirer Reports on Today's home libraries, which often function as offices and sitting rooms, are important "due to the fact that everything else except the bedroom and bath seem to be going into one living space," says architect Don Beck of Mount Auburn"Folks need an alternate to the large great room, a place to feel cozy ... to read or watch TV or make phone calls or have intimate conversations."It must be just horrible to have a large great room and not be happy.

Everyone knows Bill Gates - but who is Paul Allen?

Very Helpful And Appreciated sent over THis Associated Press Look at Paul Allen. Whether buying professional sports teams or putting $100-million into brain research, Allen, a college dropout who started Microsoft with his childhood friend Bill Gates, describes his approach as personal.

Penelope Cruz to Play The Role of Librarian in "The Loop"

The beautiful Spanish actress Penelope Cruz is slated to portray the character of Fiona, "the loquacious librarian" in the forthcoming movie, "The Loop", based on the Joe Coomer novel of the same name, a New York Times notable book from 1992.

Opposite Cruz, in the role of protagonist Lyman, a highway patrolman, is Matthew McConaughey, her real-life love. The blurb (and a peek at Penelope) here .

Ohio Police Chief Suspended For Leaving Gun In Library

Anonymous Patron writes "Here's A Followup on the police chief who left a loaded gun at the library.Reynoldsburg Chief Jeanne Miller recommended her own punishment after fellow officers confronted her about the episode and she told her superiors.

Miller said she left her 9 mm pistol inside her purse on a chair at the Reynoldsburg Public Library in January. She realized her mistake after she drove off, then raced back to get it after calling other officers for help."

DA: Read this book and charges will be dropped

A prosecutor has a deal for five teenagers arrested during the New England Patriots' Super Bowl parade: If they read a book that tells the story of drugs and desperation in a Boston neighborhood and write a report about it, he'll drop the charges.The book Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley wants them to read is Michael Patrick MacDonald's memoir "All Souls," about growing up in South Boston projects. The youngsters must write a 2,500 word essay about the book. From The AP, thanks Michael.

Mystery & Influence of Carnegie's Libraries Reveal sends " this piece from the Cincinnati Enquirer about Carngie Libraries.

So, why is the Carnegie name on thousands of libraries? Because American industrialist Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919) paid for the buildings, which were built primarily in America but also in English-speaking countries around the world.Many people believe Carnegie funded the program to ease his conscience. He was a ruthless entrepreneur, frequently referred to as a "robber baron," who helped build the nation's steel industry.


Carnegie wanted all to have libraries

Anonymous Patron writes "Carnegie wanted all to have libraries is a Cincinnati Enquirer piece on American industrialist Andrew Carnegie. Many people believe Carnegie funded the program to ease his conscience. He was a ruthless entrepreneur, frequently referred to as a "robber baron," who helped build the nation's steel industry."

Ex-NYT Reporter Jayson Blair To Speak at AZ Library

As part of Black History Month, the library in Glendale, AZ has invited former New York Times journalist to speak there on February 19. Blair of course is the reporter who fabricated stories and sources over a period of time and also engaged in plagiarism; his resignation from the Times resulted in the subsequent resignations of both the NY Times Executive Editor and Managing Editor. He later wrote a book about the debacle, "Burning Down My Master's House."

Blair subsequently disclosed that he suffers from manic depression; he believes that his illness was partly to blame for the scandal. Librarian Cynthia Landrum expects that Blair's appearance will bring a large crowd, and that issues of mental health among African-Americans will provoke an interesting discussion.
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