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Book lover, collector turns silo into unusual library

Anonymous Patron writes "Book lover, collector turns silo into unusual library: Donald S. Connery converted the silo attached to their 200-year-old barn into a most unusual home library. In the late 1980s, after 20 or so years of pondering, he hired a carpenter to rework the old round silo into a three-story cylindrical library. At last count, he and his wife had about 10,000 volumes in the silo, with a few thousand more in the house. "

Reading a 1,000 page book in one day

JET writes "One From The Guardian reports on "The long and winding read"Modern literature can often be a challenge - especially when it's 1,000 pages long. Tanya Gold is made of stern stuff, however, and set out to read this summer's epic tome in one sitting"

Fayetteville AR Museum Hopes to Attract Clinton Fans

The Northwest Arkansas Times has an article about a new museum dedicated to the people and personalities (specifically, ex-President Bill and Senator Hillary Clinton) of Arkansas; their goal, according to Allyson Twiggs, director of Fayetteville’s Convention and Visitors Bureau, is to attract 10 percent of the attendance at the presidential library, which, it was announced last week, has topped 300,000 visitors.

"People have been making the Billgrimage," Barnes said, referring to the collection of Clinton-themed attractions in Arkansas. "We feel it will work here and they will come up to Fayetteville. They want to see the whole story." The museum will be housed in the home the Clintons lived during the 1970's, in which they were married.

Indian Library Pundit Rajashekar No More

Vikas Kamat writes "Library and Open Access leader Dr. T.B. Rajashekar died in an automobile accident. He was 51."

B.B. King Museum, in Archives, in Libraries, and the Highway

kathleen writes "If you're on U-S 61 in Tennessee, you're riding the "B.B. King Highway."
A legislative resolution was read at King's namesake club on Beale Street in Memphis and the visitors bureau head joked the markers will become "the most stolen sign" in the city. King will turn 80 on September 16th.

King is scheduled to attend the groundbreaking today for a ten-(m)-million-dollar B.B. King Museum in his hometown of Indianola, Mississippi. A decade in the making, the $10 million museum will be partially located within an abandoned gin mill where King once toiled in his youth. A replica of the WDIA radio studios in Memphis, where King discovered his first real success, will also be housed at the museum.
A major museum feature, the Delta Interpretive Center, will promote a curriculum of education and cultural outreach for at risk youngsters of the mostly poor Delta region.
There is an oil painting of B.B. King by Thea Leopolous at the William Jefferson Clinton library.
The University of Mississippi Blues Archive includes B.B. King's personal record collection."

Gunman wounds man at Florida library

Scary News From Florida. A handful of bookworms expecting a quiet afternoon of reading at City Island Library on Wednesday were interrupted after a man shot in his left side staggered in looking for help.

Happy Birthday Frank Lloyd Wright

mdoneil writes "Frank Lloyd Wright was born in 8 Jun 1867, so even though he died in 1959 we wish him a happy birthday.

Buffalo, New York former home to me, and present home to a number of LISNews fans as well as a fantastic library school has a number of FLW architectural gems."

SLA Prize to Richard Geiger of the SF Chronicle

Richard Geiger, who directs library research in The Chronicle's newsroom, is the recipient of this years Joseph F. Kwapil Memorial Award by the news division of the Special Libraries Association. The SLA represents thousands of information professionals in more than 80 countries and the prize is the division's highest form of recognition, rewarding achievement in news librarianship and service.

Congrats Richard! Here's more from the SF Gate.

No Wet Suits in the Library

Kathleen writes "Joe Wible has worked in libraries for more than 30 years and logged more than 1,000 dives in his life, making him perfectly suited for his job as head librarian and bibliographer at Hopkins Marine Station—this, despite a salvaged sign he keeps in his office window: "No wet suits in the library!!"
Mr. Wible holds a PhD in Marine Biology and is a member of the International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers."

Door stays open at library, pretty much

News From Boston where The city is reviewing its policy on use of the public library auditorium after a white supremacist group signed up to use it under a deceptive name earlier this month.

Mayor Joseph Curtatone said he believes the policy is strong, but the city ''may make some adjustments to how it is administered."The Arkansas-based group White Revolution billed itself as Immigration Reform Party when it applied to use the auditorium for a meeting May 7. When police informed Curtatone of the group's identity, he closed the library, citing a security risk to its patrons and to members of the group itself, because of possible counter-protests. As police supervised, the group met briefly in the parking lot.


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