LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #88

This week's episode brings a discussion of the digital divide. The discussion is meant to start discussion about the issue while pointing out links to further non-LIS discourse in the matter. Some thoughts are thrown out at ways to bridge the digital divide that might involve materials reformatting.

A LISTen Special: Kiwi Surprise With A Side Of Buckeye Candy

Welcome to a LISTen special! First up we hear from Brenda Chawner of the School of Information Management at VUW about Software Freedom Day in Wellington. After that we discuss some pending legislation relative to newspapers in the United States. Related links: Profile America's script Bio page on Brenda Chawner IRS 501(c)(3) compliance guide

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #87

The news stories this week are not that major. This happens when the national debate on health care reform sucks the oxygen out of the arena. The podcast brings a headlines service this week of things you might have missed. Later this week there is planned to be a special episode in the aftermath of Software Freedom Day. Related links: Script of the Profile America piece Blog post by Room of Infinite Diligence on TANSTAAFL Professor Adler on USA Patriot Act Renewal Reuters on FCC & Net Neutrality Royal College of Psychiatrists against "thinspiration" sites The Register on Botnet Clean Up Zack Whittaker on whether or not Internet filtering does more harm than good Dent on by Fabian about gPodder News post at gPodder on the new version Daily Telegraph on atheists having more success in online dating

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LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #85

This week's podcast is brief in recognition of the Labor Day holiday in the United States and an unanticipated document dump. Some discussion of telecommunications issues that could adversely impact libraries was presented in addition to relaying a notable item from the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. Related links: Reuters story on Broadband Plan The Register on RF Spectrum Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #158 Engadget on the Sharp PC-Z1 Additional piece on the Sharp PC-Z1

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As To Labor Day

Notwithstanding Monday being a holiday in the United States of America, there will be an episode of LISTen: An Podcast released that day. It is strongly advised to hear LISTen #84 beforehand as it covers background material on radio frequency spectrum in its Kindle discussion that will relate to #85 in the anticipated discussion on broadband planning. These are fairly wonkish technical issues that we are trying to explain as simply as possible due to the impending impact on professional practice in libraries.

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #84

This week's episode has an oblique reference to Gilligan's Island in it. First up is a discussion of the intricacies of the ITU regulatory processes on the planetary scale. After that is a Linux news brief. Following on the Linux news brief, a discussion of an angle to net neutrality arises. The episode wraps up with a call for submissions. Remember, the following addressing works for sending submissions on physical media: 2348 Dewey Road Ashtabula, OH 44004-9656 United States of America The United States Postal Service Price Calculator may be useful in regards to that. There are similar calculators for New Zealand, Australia, The United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada. Related links: Script to the episode of Profile America aired PC World on the Sony Reader Article discussing Ericsson managing Sprint's network International Telecommunications Union history 47 CFR 2.106 CIA World Factbook page on Iraq "Spectrum Allocation, Assignment and Enforcement" Slackware 13 Release Announcement openSUSE 11.2 Milestone 6 Release Announcement New York Times on Net Neutrality Using & managing UUCP by Ed Ravin UNIX Shell Providers listing The Linux Outlaws

Looking Ahead To LISTen #84

Sometimes it is best to announce things in advance. Hopefully this is one of those times.

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #83

This episode is a short one. It has been another slow news week with few noteworthy items. The top stories of the past week and a couple briefs are presented in this example of brevity.


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