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Due to a deer strike incident and other extenuating factors beyond our control, the release of LISTen 152 and Burning Circle 29 is delayed until 0300 UTC on 11 May 2011.

LISTen: An Program -- Episode #151

This week's episode is brief due to cascading countervailing requirements.

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Sounding Off

The Air Staff at Erie Looking Productions invites readers and listeners to call in their reactions to two recent posts floating around in the realm of the Internet. The first is a post to LISNews talking about CNET Editor-at-Large Brian Cooley's view of libraries. The second is a post at National Review Online's The Corner where Christian Schneider takes a fairly dim view of modern public libraries in the United States.

The voicemail inbox is powered by Google Voice so clicking the widget below will facilitate easy access:

You can also call 702-714-0397 from your own phone.

The deadline for receiving voicemails in reaction to either or both of those posts is Sunday, May 1, 2011 at 01:00:00 UTC/Zulu. Clicking on the date/time mention will bring up a converter to place such in your local time context.

The best messages received may be played on-air during the next episode of LISTen: An Program. Remember to keep it under a minute and to give a quick mention of who you are when you call.

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LISTen: An Program -- Episode #150

Service Announcement: The Week Before Easter 2011

"This is a service announcement that bridges both LISTen: An Program and Ubuntu Ohio's Burning Circle. First lets pause for a word from the Internal Revenue Service."

[IRS PSA: Last Minute Filing Tips]

"In light of this being Holy Week there is no regular episode this week for either program. Operational constraints at Erie Looking Productions also prevented the production of normal programming. It should be noted that the April 30th date for the Ubuntu Ohio state rally is scrubbed and there will be a meeting on Internet Relay Chat on Wednesday night to discuss the matter. For librarians in Ohio and surrounding states, your attendance at the Ohio rally may be quite worthwhile to learn about Linux while also building community partnerships.

"The slushpile of links this week has been posted to the relevant part of gopherspace and librarians have a special challenge to see if they can still access that arcane part of the Internet. Consider this a learning activity to assess your capability to access the fairly broad spectrum of communication modalities the Internet offers. An appropriate URL will be posted to the show post.

"With that being said, have a good Holy Week and we will be back in seven days."

The slush pile: gopher://

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LISTen: An Program -- Episode #149

This week's episode contains a rather large news review. There wasn't a major connecting thread to the news this week outside the shutdown-that-was-not. Since that fizzled we look at the scattered news bits that deserve consideration.

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The Register on that procedural step HJR 37 underwent
Reuters reporting HJR 37 passing the House, moving on for Senate action
Michael Geist on the Conservative Party of Canada's digital economy platform
The Librarian in Black against DRM
The folks at Defective By Design proposing a Librarians Against DRM group
The Free Software Foundation, the parent organization of Defective by Design
Gawker: Twitter regresses to infancy
Dave Winer's screenshot of Twitter backsliding
Reuters on the failure at Twitter
PCMag Digital Network on the failure at Twitter
The Register on MMS being the new killer app in the mobile space
DIY server software for interacting with patrons via SMS #1
DIY server software for interacting with patrons via SMS #2
DIY server software for interacting with patrons via SMS #3
Library of Congress Public Affairs on Deanna Marcum being selected for the Melvil Dewey medal
Ars Technica on bandwidth caps around the world
Deutsche Welle on publishing translations of German works in the US
Library of Congress Public Affairs on new entries to the National Recording Registry
Radio Netherlands Worldwide's Media Network blog on Google's attempt to reorganize YouTube to compete with broadcast television
Russian internal security agency comes out against Skype
Russian internal security agency comes out against Hotmail
Reuters on the Russian Federal Security Service complaining about web-based off-shore e-mail providers
Deutsche Welle on the Berlin prostitute engaging in the trade of negotiable affections to pay for her PhD studies
Amy Buckland referencing the new McMaster University librarian's view that PhDs with non-LIS skill sets may be the future of libraries

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LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #148

From this week's script:

To you, dear listeners, this has some impact. The first is that any read counts on the site for any particular post should be regarded as utterly fictitious. The second is that you really should be using the FeedBurner target for the podcast rather than subscribing directly to the LISNews PHP-generated feed. The third is that our presence in the iTunes Music Store is a bit off-kilter for now and the downloading of individual episodes through that source is not recommended.

That whole discussion of the weirdness on LISNews over the past week as well as an expansive news round-up can be found in this week's episode.

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LISNews Netcast Network on
An example of illegal narcotics becoming a cash crop
Associated Press on current economic woes
Deutsche Welle on gender imbalance in Wikipedia editor stats
Monty The Dog
Greenstone 2.84 released
Ann Althouse on the New York Times paywall
Teleread on per capita distribution of ebook reading
Ars Technica on Google's +1 vote up search ranking system
CNET's Caroline McCarthy on Google's +1 vote up search ranking system
Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals on their awards nominees in the realm of children's books
Evan Prodromou on the launch of
Ars Technica on data caps becoming a problem in Canada for Netflix
Ars Technica on the reduction in wireline broadband bandwidth caps that resulted in Netflix problems
John C. Dvorak on the Internet being the new opiate of the masses

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FeedSync Test

The nuclear option is being employed on the FeedBurner side of things to realign a major feed. For those getting this as an e-mail digest, apologies for the repeat e-mail. For those seeing this in iTunes...I hope this fixes things...

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #146

Over the past week Erie Looking Productions has unsuccessfully grappled with a massive reduction in computing power. Two computers dying within days of each other is not a good thing. An annotated round-up of links from the slush pile is presented in this post while the audio brings an old-time radio classic.

With luck we'll be fully recovered operationally next week.

From the slush pile: (Click "Read more" to see the links) -- Read More

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