California sues Google & Yahoo over ads writes "a new page in the ongoing saga of Google...

Google and Yahoo! sued for 'illegal gambling ads'
Some gambling ads on Google, Yahoo! and other major websites are illegal in California, according to a new lawsuit.The 60-page filing, presented in San Francisco Superior Court, alleges that the companies sell rights to web advertisements based on searches for terms such as "illegal gambling," "internet gambling" and "California gambling."The online businesses also use geotracking software to target particular regions, including California, for illegal gambling ads, according to the lawsuit.The lawsuit demands that the companies stop accepting the advertisements and give California "millions of dollars in ill-gotten gains," said attorney Ira Rothken, one of several attorneys from firms involved in the class-action lawsuit.



College Students Prefer Google Over The Library - Again

stevenj writes "I like to collect these stories in the event I need some documentation for faculty or administrators to provide evidence of the natural gravitation students have to Google - that it's a national trend. It can certainly help to justify the need for information literacy programming. This one, from the Portales News Tribune is what you've grown accustomed to reading. A few librarians and a faculty member point out the hazards of using only Google and no library. This one doesn't even get a few of the standard "no one needs a library anymore" quotes from students. Read it at:
Portales News Tribune."


August 2009: How Google beat Amazon and Ebay to the Semantic Web

AP writes "A Dispatch From The Future where Google - which is now the world's largest single online marketplace - used "the Semantic Web" bury Amazon and Ebay. The Semantic Web isn't about pages and links, it's about relationships between things - whether one thing is a part of another, or how much a thing costs, or when it happened."


Google Sets IPO Between $108-$135 a Share

Reuters Reports Google Inc., the world's No. 1 Web search provider, said on Monday it will sell about 24.6 million shares for an estimated price of between $108 and $135 per shares in a planned initial public offering.


Google Updates Toolbar - BROWSE BY WORDS instead of URLs

search-engines-web individual writes "Google updated its toolbar yesterday to allow surfers the option of typing in names instead of URLs to go to the most likely site. The new feature is aptly called Browse By Name . Have a look-see right here."


Google Buys an Online Photo Manager

In an attempt to stay ahead of the competition, Google has bought Picasa, and will soon be offering a service to consumers that will allow them to display and share photos online. Competitors Yahoo and MSN are adding services in order to keep up with Google. "Picasa's product 'complements Google's ongoing mission to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible, said Jonathan Rosenberg, Google's vice president for product management." Read More. [requires registration]


Google chooses Nasdaq OVER New York Stock Exchange sends " the news from andReuters that Google has decided to list its $2.7 billion public offering with Nasdaq, dealing a blow to the NYSE. Google has not yet chosen a trading symbol.
'The Nasdaq and the NYSE both said they were aggressively courting Google. Neither market gave any indication why the Web search company decided on the Nasdaq, but analysts have long speculated the technology-rich No. 2 U.S. market had the advantage.'"


Google uses Creative Executive Search Techniques

search-engines-web shares this article about Google's targeted job ad techniques. Maybe they could hide librarian job ads in MARC records and reference books? Or in the search results of particular database queries?


Microsoft on the Trail of Google

kmhess writes "Check out the Times new article about MSN Search...Microsoft on the Trail of Google

The author asks my question from a few days ago:
"All right, so the new MSN Search looks like Google but doesn't work like Google. In that case, what's the point?" Indeed. Despite my pessimism, the author is optimistic that MSN Search will improve within a year...we'll see I guess.)"


Google Faces Trademark Tug-of-war With Kid's Web Site

If You're familiar with "Googles and the Planet Goo," you might be familiar with the web site [you already know where this is going] which existed before the almighty itself. When Google recently decided to begin marketing products to children, the owners of Googles decided to file a complaint with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. " says it attracts about 170,000 weekly visitors; Google's search engine attracts more than 65 million unique visitors each month. Google is seeking to raise $2.7 billion in a hotly anticipated initial public offering of its stock; Esrig says he has been struggling to raise $3.2 million, partly because investors have been spooked by the unsettled trademark struggle with Google.
Anything that makes Google look like a corporate bully seems likely to upset company co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The budding billionaires have vowed to build a company that blends benevolence with technological brilliance." Read More.



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