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"Must Read" Librarian Oriented Blogs?

I'm putting together a list of the top "must read" library blogs, but I don't want this to be just my list. I want the list to reflect as wide a range of opinions as possible.

What blogs do you read every day? What blogs help you learn? What blogs keep you informed? What blogs make you laugh? Who's the best writer out there? As one person put it: "I read many others, but these are the LIS blogs that get read even when time is short." Send me your list, or leave a comment below.

Your list need not be complete, fair, or even have more than one blog listed. I'm looking for a few names from everyone so the final list is a good reflection of what many people think about our little online world.

Note: We all know LISNews is obviously the single most important web site in the entire history of the internet, so therefore I won't be including it on any final list.


Posting Tutorial for LISNews Submissions

Here are a couple of quick formatting tips to help make your LISNews submission more immediately postable. We don't mind making your stories more readable, but sometimes a story will sit in the submission queue for quite awhile because it needs a lot of fixing up.

When entering a link, you can give it a short name, like the website where it came from, by using this easy bit of html code. Here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to create a link.

Here's one for making paragraph breaks. If you submit a longer piece, without the paragraph tag, it will post as one big chunk of text without any breaks. Those are the two most basic and helpful bits of code used here. Email me or post a comment if you need additional help. lisrochelle at gmail dot com.


We Need Library Stories!

We need stories about your community's library!

Have your patrons used the library to find a job? To send email to far-away family and friends? To find government information? Libraries are central to communities, and the Washington Office would like your stories illustrating the importance of library services, including technology, to all people.

If you are librarian, an avid user of your own community's library, or a fan of libraries, please take a minute to send us a short anecdote that illustrates how important your library is to your community. Stories can be as short or as long as you like--and can touch any aspect of the library's role in the community. Please email your library stories by Friday, June 10, to Bernadette Murphy, Communications Director at the ALA Washington (DC).

Thank you!


Books with Licensing Contract on shrink wrap

Paul Deane writes "This year I have been recieving reference books with a license on shrink wrap. They have the same general message as most software does these days. Do not open unless you agree to the terms of the license.... The terms are not included. I would guess this is effort by publishers to extend rights to materials beyond copyright by claiming that material is licensed and anything they don't like is a contract violation even though it is ok under copywrite. Can they get away with this?"


AskLIS: What are the differences between US librarianship and Australian librarianship?

AshtabulaGuy writes "I turn to the collective world-wide-LISNewsterz-Wisdom for some advice. What are the differences between US librarianship and Australian librarianship? That is a burning question. Although Australia utilizes AACR2r, what is different in practice there? If an American was to be on exchange for a year, what would they likely expect? Any pointers as to starting points for seeking knowledge in this case?"

LISNews Interview With Desiree Goodwin: Call For Questions

Desiree Goodwin made headlines around the world earlier this year as the "sexy librarian" when she claimed in a lawsuit that she had been rejected repeatedly for promotion because she is black and is perceived as just a "pretty girl" whose attire was too "sexy." According to reports she'd been rejected for 16 jobs at Harvard since 1999, when she completed her master’s degree in library science after attending night classes at Simmons College for 4½ years.

Now is your chance to ask whatever you'd like of Desiree, the first librarian to make national headlines since Nancy Pearl & Laura Bush. Send Us Your Questions and we'll pass them on to Desiree and publish her answers as soon as she gets them back to us.


LISNewsterz: Tell Us About Your Experience Is With Joint-Use Libraries

As the current poll seems to have piqued our readers interests on both sides of the issue of joint-use libraries (public libraries and high school libraries sharing a facility), I'd like to ask you to please chime in with your knowledge/experience of currently operating joint-use libraries both in the US and elsewhere.

Do you, or did you ever work in a joint-use library? How does/did it work for both constituencies? What do/did you find to be the pros and cons? Please respond by adding a comment to this story, and let us know the approximate location, size and staffing of the library, and any other information/opinion you'd like to add.

Thanks LISNewsterz for your participation!


Protections For Bloggers?

Howard Wertenteil writes "Is there anything like a policy of "acceptable use" for blogging... especially when it comes to those who are posting commentary that their employers (or school officals) might object to?
Or for that matter, a list of what laws would protect the author of a blog, aside from 1st Admentdment protections for journalists...?"


GLTB librarian information request?

Ree_boy writes: "Hello Lisnewsers, I'm posting this request as a total newbie here. I saw this URL in a regional library newsletter a couple of weeks ago and have been lurking around reading all the interesting news for the past 2-3 weeks. It's only been today that I've had a request from my library director to find some information that I don't believe exists (at least in the format specified to me). Therefore, I created a user account and am proceeding to ask you knowledgeable folks to help prove/disprove my ignorance. The director would like to know if there are any studies available on GLTB librarianship? She's working with a group to review material in the field, but *I* haven't had enough exposure to the field to authoritatively say this is a snipe hunt. Any help, anyone?"


If you could have ALA Council act on anything, what would it be, and how?

Michael McGrorty, ALA Councilor at large, and writer at Library Dust has a Question for the group:
"If you could have ALA Council act on anything, what would it be, and how?"
You can reach him with your answers at [email protected].



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