Toddler Time Too Popular At Manhattan Library

Forget Broadway, the hardest ticket to score in town is for toddler story time at an Upper East Side branch of the New York Public Library.

The matinee story time every Wednesday at the NYPL's Webster branch is so popular with toddlers that organizers had to switch to a color-coded ticket system because desperate mommies and nannies had started counterfeiting the numbered tickets.

"People were taking their tickets to a copy shop and making copies for friends," said librarian Kristy Raffensberger, 32. "So we started using different-colored paper." To stop a possible stampede, library workers hand out tickets 30 minutes before the two show times.

Newcomers who try to cut the winding line are immediately put into place by the veterans, who stake out claims 90 minutes ahead of time.

Each of the two Wednesday sessions hosts a mere 20 toddlers, so there's many a miserable mommy who has to break it to their little one that they didn't make story time.

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How about expanding the number of attendees or adding more sections? Turning folks away is just bad customer service in my book....Personally I add sections on heavy days until everyone gets in. if that means I do four session of 50-100 kids then I do 4 sessions.

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