To Lure ‘Twilight’ Teenagers, Classic Books Get Bold Looks


Publishers are dressing classic novels like “Emma” and “Jane Eyre” in sexy new covers, hoping to appeal to the young-adult readers who made “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games” so popular.

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A rose by any other name......

>> A rose by any other name

Response: They are not changing the names of the books they are changing the cover designs. Good cover design moves books. Are you really going with the premise that cover design has no impact?

You and I may already have experience with "Pride and Prejudice" and so changing the cover may have little impact. But to a teenager that is having a first experience with the book a cover can mean a lot.

Which of these covers do you think would be easier to convince a teen to read? Or more importantly what book would they pick up on their own at the bookstore?

For the artwork, the publisher hired Sara Singh, a Manhattan-based fashion illustrator.

Look at Sara Singh's website:

Looking at the art at her website I think she should have used some of the boldness she had in that work and incorporated it into the cover.

Look at Portfolio 2 -- Images 7-9. Some of the boldness in these images added to the covers she did might be even more powerful than what she did.

No, but the covers do change the content. (I"m all for new covers - just don't make me read some of those books!!

That should have said the covers do NOT change the content - still many of them boring despite the better covers :)

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