Is Tim Hortons a substitute for libraries?

Is Tim Hortons a substitute for libraries?
It looks like November 22nd's meeting of the Toronto Library Board was a doozy. One board member in particular—Stephen Dulmage, the guy who suggested closing more than a third of the City's branches as a cost-saving measure—got a few choice remarks in, suggesting that people don't need a warm place to read a book so long as there are Tim Hortons in the world. David Hains was there and gives some more details of the meeting:


What moronic comments from those two board members. Are these people intentionally stupid or do they open their mouths before thinking?

If you go to the link and see the comment section below, a commentator brings up a great point that Tim Horton's has a loitering law and if you just sit there and read and don't buy anything Tim Horton's can and will kick you out.

Tim Horton's is not designed for people to sit there all day and read.

And I say this as someone who is a huge Tim Horton's fan.

Then we got a new mayor last year who likes to do things like arbitrarily make city departments cut 10% of their budget without first reviewing who is spending how much on what. Except for the police department, who basically said, "Pish. You're not cutting our budget - you're going to increase it." Sadly, that tactic doesn't work as well with libraries.

This is the same Mayor whose brother, also on Toronto City Council, said that he didn't know who Margaret Atwood was. This is not a family who prize reading.

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