Thumbing a ride into history?

<a href="">From today's CSM</a>. Libraries were once a sacred secular space of silence and reverence, before they became the noisy computer labs they now are, with their jingle of ringtones, clattering keyboards, and unquenchable printers. And we reference librarians had a higher, more dignified calling than merely changing the printer paper. Once the captains of the information superhighway, librarians are now thumbing a ride into history.


Yes, and they also used to try to enforce upper-middle class values on poor and/or immigrant families with different cultural norms. They used to have separate entrances for black and white patrons. They believed that movies, games, and other non-text based materials had nothing to offer patrons. They at least some of them really believed internet filters worked as advertised. Oh, and there were a few back in the day that thought fiction would lower morals and kill brain cells.

I don't mourn yesterday (Sure, I like and need to preserve it, but that's another issue) and I'm not sure how many do.

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