For Those Interested in Employment

Okay this is a recruiting post. I no longer work in public libraries and have gone to "the dark side". However I am aware that many of my fellow Librarians are looking for work and are open to opportunities other than the Public/Academic field.

My company is hiring for several positions. These do require a technical background as well or at least a technical aptitude. Two positions, however do not.

There is a must like Winter as the company is in New York state.

If interested in more details email me at: [email protected]

Disclaimer: This post was not meant to be exciting, cutting edge and I refuse to use any phrase with the words "Web 2.0" in it anymore, you may email me for more details on that as well as it is a nice Sunday morning and I have decided not to be flamebait this early. Not that this would cause a flame war. My post does contain humor although the information about the jobs is not a joke, it is for real. Thank you and enjoy your day.


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OK I am always interested in work, and I have reached the dumbarse quota of the week (yes it is still 12 minutes before Monday).

The firm I work for advertised last year for a number of positions, interviewed a number of very well qualified people, and then filled few positions in that particular department. Some of it was due to offshoring, some of it to taking a few people from in house.

I am always willing to move for the right salary (I'll take $50K in the Yucatan). I am off to Haiti in March so I can't start before then (and spring in NY is lovely).

Other than that how's things.

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