Thinking about budgeting

I wrote the following stream of words and sent it to JESSE. Such has been stuck in the moderation block and not left. Considering that, I relate such here at present. A few days ago I wrote:

I am temporarily departing from the state of "lurking" to put forward an
idea. I produce LISTen: The Podcast. We are coming up on
our one-year anniversary. We are also coming up on seemingly
unavoidable economic issues.

Producing a podcast with somewhat of a current awareness focus is
neither cheap nor simple. We just ended approximately nine hours of
work on the floor at BlogWorldExpo as duly-accredited media members this
weekend. The first of a few episodes containing interviews with
technology vendors was just posted in the past couple hours. For all
the technologies that undergird Library 2.0, key players in bringing
such tools to market were present there. You can find that first
coverage episode online at .

What was remarkably lacking at the event was any sort of representative
from larger technology media. For librarians and librarians-to-be
wondering about the new tools and services launched at that show,
turning to outlets such as CNET or the network will not bring
any coverage as they sent no one. Coverage of tech questions geared to
library service was provided through what we did in interviewing.

The date when we will hit a snag in financial terms is October 16th.
While the team has been trying rather hard to shore up its financial
position, we have had no success so far. Recognizing that we work in
current awareness as well as providing educational segments about
practical functions, it seems appropriate to ask if there were a program
in librarianship with which we could partner. We are happy to provide a
practical test-bed for students in using Web 2.0 technologies much akin
to how a journalism program hosts a student newspaper or other such
outlet. Getting a chance to keep the podcast going as well as to
provide LIS students with practical podcasting experience would likely
broaden discourse in the profession.

If there is interest in exploring potential relationships, the initial
point of contact is Blake Carver at LISNews. The podcast is produced by
Erie Looking Productions which has somewhat of a studio-network
relationship with LISNews. The main reason to initially communicate
with Mr. Carver is that any potential partnership must ensure that there
need not be drastic changes to the podcast provided to LISNews and that
there be appropriate decision-making structures. Mr. Carver can be
reached via e-mail at [email protected].

It must be noted that this is not limited to institutions found in the
United States as partnerships with institutions throughout the
Anglosphere are possible. Inquiries from the UK, Canada, Australia, and
New Zealand are wholeheartedly encouraged. With CILIP re-posting the
podcast on their own server we already have taken a step at serving

Thank you for your patience and forbearance in regards to this message.

Respectfully Submitted...

A spreadsheet containing draft figures for the podcast to continue as a free-standing unit can be found at the Pownce blog. It may be cheaper to have the podcast operation be part of another entity. It may be cheaper to remain free-standing. I just don't have enough data to say either way.

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