Things Not To Do With A Book

Perhaps this should be posted within our libraries? Maybe even make some bookplates?


I definitely taunt my books, especially my audiobooks...I have full blown arguments with some of my audio books in the car. I'll hit pause and yell back a rebuttal. I'm sure I look completely bonkers doing it, too. At least I don't do THAT walking around listening on my iPod, though sometimes I'm sure I bust out laughing for what seems like no apparent reason until someone sees the earbuds in my ears.

You and I could be very good friends...

But why does it say draw a moustache on this book? fact we're discussing to print'em and offer them our freshers as an incentive for library use. What about the copyrights?

PS. Why draw a moustache on books? :)

PSS. Seriously, does anyone know about copyrights in this special case or in general @LISNews? I'm new here and have completely no clue...

I'd like these as stickers to distribute. Fun, huh?

The source of this image would be nice...

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