There's a Kindle in your (and my) future.

<a href="">CNET says 70% of Kindle owners are over 40</a>. And half are over 50. So I guess technology isn't just for young whippersnappers. (Kindle is easier on arthritic hands.) It's not based on a scientific survey, but it's all we got. I didn't think I wanted a Kindle for my next birthday (soon), but numbers never lie: I'm destined to get one. Soon.


A "poll" of 700 users. Let's see: if half a million Kindles have been sold (a big If), that means 350,000 to people over 40--out of 146 million people in the U.S. over 40.

So CNET's actually saying that, assuming nobody owns more than one, 0.2% of Americans over 40 own Kindles. (That's 2.4 out of every thousand people, if you want it more detailed.) Guess you're right: You're clearly doomed to own one.

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