There's FINALLY A Book More Popular Than 50 Shades Of Grey


After 20 consecutive weeks at No. 1 — a record for the list, which began in 1993 —Grey has been bumped by No Easy Day, which will be making its debut on the list on Thursday. Day is co-written by Mark Owen, a pseudonym for a retired Navy SEAL in the raid on bin Laden's Pakistani hideout in May 2011.

Mostly I post 50 Shades Of Grey stories to hear about how this is the worst book ever.


... it's a commercial success, not a literary success. And I think the guy is profiting off his military service which is kind of smarmy.

If I were a Navy Seal and promised not to divulge any information garnered while performing my duty, I would keep my lips zipped. Of course I'm not a Navy Seal, not do I envision signing up any time in the near future!

Birdie said ---- ... it's a commercial success, not a literary success.

Not attacking your comment just trying to understand. What do you base your comment on the book not being a literary success on?

Follow up question. Do we typically ask whether a nonfiction book is a literary success? Sincere question. I can think of answers going both ways. Curious what others think.

Article in the Christian Science Monitor

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