The short but effective window where ereaders changed the industry


Shipments are expected to continue their decline through 2016, with a projected shipment of just 7.1 million units.

If these projections are to be believed, the ereader craze is flaming out as quickly as it ignited. And if you’re in the business of creating content, that’s a good thing.


perhaps they are not selling as many because people BOUGHT them and don't need to keep buying them - mine works perfectly well and no need to buy a new one.....

Not sure why you suggest that "if you’re in the business of creating content, that’s [e-reader demise] a good thing.".

E-readers may well slow down in growth, which is only to be expected given their meteoric rise over the last few years. However, they have "done their job" and made the reading public firstly aware of, and secondly accepting of, e-books.

It's about e-books - not e-reader (or tablet) hardware.

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