The library should be third most important place in people's lives

New library director: library should be third most important place in people’s lives

Evanston’s new public library director says that the city’s library should be the third most important place for citizens, after work and home, or school and home.

“The public library should be the third most important place for engagement and public discourse, for people to research topics of interest,” said Karen Danczak Lyons, who was appointed as next director of the library during a recent library board meeting.


I agree that library is a third important place. It's self-learning center after office/school and home. We always try to create the feelings amongst users that this third place is user driven and they should take the ownership of the library. Librarians are always there with libraries.

We started using the regular library users as our brand ambassador of KEIC. we started the campaign called "I Love KEIC". students will write maximum three lines about why they like KEIC. Their witting will on the KEIC front page with student's name, class and year and one can see the history last one year about KEIC campaign. You can see both on the KEIC page.

Shailesh R Yagnik
[email protected]

How do we increase frontiers of Library & Information Science?

We do subscribe to the commercial database and access to open access resources. This service will be more useful to those institutions who offers placement. Based on the last two years recruitment records, it is very easy to find out which type of companies had come on campus for recruitment accordingly supporting placement page can be developed on the website. MICA Knowledge Exchange and Information Centre (KEIC) has developed the page. We could see the usage of the same in Google Analytics but actual benefits could be searched through survey only.

KEIC Page on placement
Knowledge Placement Understanding

(This covers partial information)

0) India at a Glance

1) Current Update
* Current Scenario
* Sectoral Update

2) Economy
* Indian Economy
* Indian Monthly Economic Report
* Intentional Economy

3) Consumer Lifestyles - India

4) Country Profiles
* World Bank
* Euromonitor

5) Category Information
* Advertising Expenditure - TV - Press - Radio
* All Industries (EMIS) * All Industries (EUROMONITOR)
* Automobiles
* Aviation
* Banking
* Biotechnology
* Financial Services
* Food Industry
* Gems and Jewellery
* Healthcare
* Information Technology
* Insurance
* IT enabled Services
* Media & Entertainment
* Pharmaceuticals
* Retail
* Steel
* Textiles
* Telecommunications
* Tourism & Hospitality

6) Company Information
* Company Profiles (Euromonitor)
* Company Profiles (ISI Emerging Markets)

7) Super brands

Apart from ILP, Internet access, reading facility, extending hours during exam, discussion rooms within library, subscribe and purchase as per users recommendations will increase the ownership of your library by them, etc. placement page is another good way to help users and increase frontiers of librarianship.

Warm Regards,
Dr. Shailesh R. Yagnik
Library & Information Service Head
Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad

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