The fight for school libraries in D.C.

The fight for school libraries in D.C.
"There is a strong statistical correlation," said Peter MacPherson, of CHPSPO, while acknowledging the presence of a librarian may not be the sole factor. "But, it matters in a significant way."

The organization's findings seem to contradict Henderson's assertion earlier this year that the school system had not received sufficient return on its investment in librarians.

"They are remarkably clueless," said MacPherson, adding that while the chancellor is hunting for various and unproven approaches to enhance student achievement, she has ignored "known successful strategies."


Huffington Post article about D.C. Public Schools (my almae matres).

Having taught in the public schools for 25 years now, I can confidently say that school improvement and reform has nothing to do with actual proven strategies. It is merely a way for the unaccountable to to create products that are then sold to politicians and foisted on the schools. It's many leeches sucking money away from the from what really serves students.

How did we ever survive without all of the academics who've not spent real time in a public school telling us what to do?

Then again, we have Twain's remark about school boards. As they sat in front of a sign that said "Literacy is our focus", my school board eliminated the library positions in my district. No opportunity for public input, no forewarning. They just did it.

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