Tell Us About Your Favorite New Librarian Blogs - 10 Blogs To Read in 2011

As we quickly march toward the end of 2010, the pressure is mounting to produce the annual list of blogs to read in the coming year. We'll consider any blogs that might be of interest to librarians. They need not be famous or long lived, in fact we're always looking for NEW sites and new writers doing interesting work.
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10 Blogs To Read in 2010


An Infinite Number of Monkeys

TeleRead: "News and views on ebooks, libraries, publishing, and related topics" was new to me in 2010 and has become one of my daily must-read feeds, one I'd recommend to anyone in libraryland.

As a professor interested in libraries, digital literacy and technology, I want to add my vote for the blog THE DIGITAL IMMIGRANT.

The Merry Librarian stopped blogging last summer;-(

Doesn't it seem long past time to see some Blogs related to the 21st Century Library?

Just saying - being a 21st century library and a Library that's 21st Century are not the same.

Judging by this blog, 21st century libraries make an awful lot of use of boldface type.

Thank you for your comment that proves the point of Polarization of the Librarian Profession.

oh, wait. the.effing.librarian blog is dead. but considering that many of the previous winners are also closed or dead, why not award a blog that's already there, way ahead of the curve...

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