Tech for Techies #7

There aren't any links this week that would be new. This week's episode talks about production standards, audio quality, what "polishing a turd" means, and more. Core material is covered that is discussed more in books than in quick bits on websites. Audio Snake Oil makes its return in this episode. One announcement that crops up in this episode states:
Hello, this is Stephen Michael Kellat, Interim Coordinator of the LISNews Netcast Network. Would you like to share us with friends and colleagues that don't have portable media players? We are now operating on the Public Radio Exchange, PRX. From KRNM in Saipan to KQED in San Francisco to WWNO in New Orleans to WVGN in the Virgin Islands, local NPR affiliates can now license LISNews Netcast Network content for air. If you want us to grace your part of the airwaves in the United States, call your local NPR affiliate today and ask that they pick up the LISNews Netcast Network. For our friends outside the United States, direct deals are possible if your stations are interested!
A visit to will let you find your local station's website which will have contact details to use. The network's profile can be found at And for those curious about the Jaunty Jackalope:
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